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Baby Bath

My baby hates being bathed!

“My baby just hates being bathed. I’ve tried everything – washing him with a sponge, using dif...
Baby Bathing

My baby won’t stay still for her diaper change!

QUESTION “Hi Mums! My 5-month-old won’t lie still for her diaper change. I’ve tried giving h...

My baby only sleeps if I hold him!

QUESTION “Hi mums! My baby boy can happily sleep for up to 4-5 hours a time – but only if I ...
Baby Crying

My baby is a terrible sleeper and I am about to go back to work – how do I handle sleep deprivation?!

QUESTION: “I have a 3 month old baby boy who is a terrible sleeper – constantly waking up th...

My toddler won’t let me brush her teeth!

QUESTION: “My toddler (20 months) wont let me of my hubby brush her teeth. Every time we try – ...

My toddler won’t talk!

QUESTION: “My toddler mumbles a lot, but only speaks a few words I can understand and very...
Solid Food

My baby won’t eat proper meals..

QUESTION: “My daughter is nearly 22 months and has always been small for her age, even befor...
Baby Development

My baby won’t stop screaming!

QUESTION: “My one year old old bub has started regularly screaming horrible high pitched screeche...
Shopping Cart

My baby won’t stay in the grocery shopping cart? Help!

QUESTION: “There are days when I don’t have someone to leave my daughter with so I have to t...
Baby Development

My son hits us. What do I need to do to stop him?

QUESTION: “I have a one-year-old who often hits us with his hands for no reason. I am not sure if...
Baby Development

My mother-in-law says I’ll spoil my baby by holding him too much. True?

QUESTION:     “After a few weeks with my baby, I’ve noticed that everyone has many opinions...

My baby has unreasonable tantrums! I don’t know what to do. Help!

QUESTION: “It’s been days and my baby’s tantrums are not changing, Every-time he gets grumpy ...
Baby Food

How to take other people’s comments saying that she has a bad behavior?

QUESTION: “I love my free-spirited daughter. She does not depend on others and has lots of en...
Baby teats

How can I feel less lonely while staying at home with my baby?

QUESTION: “I’ve been a stay-at-home mum since my baby was born six months ago. Before that I ...
Baby Light Smack

Is a light smack so bad?

QUESTION: “I know physical punishment is bad, against the law even, but is a light smack real...