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Baby Food

My baby has the worst gas!

QUESTION “My 4-month-old has the worst gas! It doesn’t even seem to bother him most of the time, ...
Baby Food

My 18-month-old baby has stopped eating!

QUESTION: “My 18-month-old has stopped eating. He’s never been very good at trying new foods, but...
Food Pouch

My toddler only likes smooth foods

QUESTION: “My toddler only likes smooth foods like baby food, purees and yogurt. Textured fo...
Solid Food

My baby won’t eat proper meals..

QUESTION: “My daughter is nearly 22 months and has always been small for her age, even befor...
Solid Food

My toddler only wants to eat crackers and chips. What can I do to stop him?

QUESTION: “I have a two year old who loves crackers and chips and doesn’t want to eat other ...
Baby Development

My son barely say words/sentences when he is more than 21 months

QUESTION: “I’m worried about my son. I talk to him everyday but all he can say is ‘nana’ for ...
Baby Glass Bottle

My 3 month old baby won’t take a bottle, please help!

QUESTION: “My 3 month old baby won’t take a bottle and I’ve tried every bottle and nipple the...
Baby teats

How can I feel less lonely while staying at home with my baby?

QUESTION: “I’ve been a stay-at-home mum since my baby was born six months ago. Before that I ...

Do I have to breastfeed for a whole year? It’s been six months, and I’m kind of over it

QUESTION: “It’s my first child and I’ve been breastfeeding for six months already. I am slowl...
Baby Food Maker

My baby won’t eat vegetables!

QUESTION: “My baby won’t eat vegetables. I have tried disguising them in soups and pasta sauc...

My baby wants to be held all the time. Please help!

QUESTION: “My baby wants to be held all the time. She’s 2 months old and will only stay quiet...