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Awesome bottles

Cannot recommend these enough such a long lasting product and easy to get extra parts if needed!!!


I’ve only ever used cherubbaby for my daughter since birth. I love the simple design of the sleeve; it’s soft, easy to remove and attach. Has saved us from many drops and the colour change to heat is true and very helpful! I recommend this brand to everyone :)

So happy with this little portable bottle warmer, absolute saver. Its easy to use and heats reasonably fast and is great for when out and about.

Absolutely a must have!

Not only are these super cute! But they’re also better than plastic in every single way… not only in the ingredients/chemicals plastic uses but also with the lifespan the aesthetic and cherub baby bottles are compatible with all their lids so these can be used as your baby turns into a toddler for sippy cups and straw cups which is also a penny saver. Cannot recommend the switch to the cherub baby wide neck glass bottles

Anywhere Universal portable Bottle Warmer

I personally like it and definitely a game changer
It is small and compact ( about 3/4 size of a softdrink can) and weighs light great option instead of bringing a thermos with hot water. It does take about 1-3 mins to warm milk- with different temp setting.

I like that it is rechargeable and can fit your Usb C (apple charger). Options for feedingbottles with adaptors- and if instructions are followed there is no leakage.

Having a toddler I feel this is much safer if played with compared to hot water. Great product. Price is competitive, bought with discount. Great for camping, or winter bottle warming.


I purchased these little beauties for my daughter to make up for her little ones. She absolutely loves them, the little spoons are fantastic also, great for travelling.

On the Go Reusable Food Pouch Maxi's Bundle - Grey, Yellow, Pink, Orange 20pk

Absolutely love them! Made so many pouches for my girl she loves them too. The only regret I have is not buying the stoppers as they do flow quite freely and little miss does make a mess haha. But great value and quality for price. I've made a bulk set of various flavours and popped then into the freezer. Best purchase I've made in a long while. Just need the stoppers now


These are pretty handy to have inside, also good to know exactly what my child is eating. The plastic these pouches are made of is thinner then what you find in store and if you hold then wrong while full they do flop and spill if opened. We've only been using them a short while but the inside plastic is already scratched from being cleaned with just a bottle brush, I don't think that will have much effect on its durability though. Some of the pouches have a flap of plastic on the inside that gets food stuck in it and it's pretty hard to clean being on the inside. Overall they are still great to use.


I love these reusable pouches! They make food prepping so easy. Great to have in the fridge and also the freezer. I love knowing exactly what I put into them for my son. The little spoon attachments are great for little ones too :)

A must have item

I was contemplating whether to baby food processor. But I’m glad I did! It’s making meal prep for baby so much easier. Love that it’s dishwasher safe and easy to use. I’m having so much fun with this tiny machine.


It’s the perfect size for my little 1 year old to use! He’s absolutely obsessed 😍

Makes for a great gift as you are guaranteed parents will love the style and bub will love using it!

Really safe option for a baby's first introduction to cutlery. The choking guard of the item is just so awesome.

Love the colour of this silicone watering can. My daughter waters the garden with it whilst I use the hose.

We have 4 other sets of stacking cups (what can I say, my kids are obsessed), but these are definitely the best ones we have bought! The colors are really nice and a great contrast to our other primary-colored cups.

Love that we have a toy that doesnÕt make my house look like a rainbow farm. My 18 month old was entertained with the cups alone for a solid 30 min (without playing with water) adding water made it even more fun! Recommend

This looks so cute in my daughters bedroom.Makes a great bath toy and an wactual watering can. She now follows me around in the garden to water the plants together.

I love how simple but effective these cups are. My little boy can easily spend an hour playing with them, not even in water. He loves to stack them and knock them down, then poke things through the holes. When he plays with them in the bath you can add another hour of entertainment!

Super cute stacking cup set that I just ordered as a Christmas gift. Love the eco friendly minimalist packaging too!

I particularly love how great this scrunch toy looks and how well made it is. It will last for several childhoods no doubt. Great for insta photos too!

Just started our baby on solids and loving this silicone cutlery. Easy and safe to use for our 6 month old. Our little girl also has tried to feed herself with them but its trial and error still.. The softness of the material is perfect as keeps her safe but the prongs are strong enough to stab food successfully.

My sister bought these for my bub as she has a pair for her own. I like the choke guard and how soft the silicone ease, also with the small grips for little hands. Good design!


It was very nice,my son like it very much

One of the best Baby Products I’ve bought!

These pouches are just the best!
I use them for so many things and every time I wash and reuse them I am always pleasantly surprised how well they hold up! Just like new!
Can’t wait to use them to make up my own yoghurt mixes and custards.