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Independent snacking delight

My son absolutely loves it and is thrilled that he can eat independently. It's such a relief to see him enjoying his snacks with confidence. Highly recommended for busy parents and hungry kiddos alike.

So easy to make DIY treats for my baby

Jaxon loves his Strawberry Apple popsicles made with the nibble tray. It's perfect for storing snack sizes, fits the fresh food feeder, and encourages independent eating. So convenient

Teething snack save

If you have a teething baby that likes a snack or baby just having solids this is perfect. I love how easy it is to give them the nutritional puree they love and it's just great for their teeth. The feeder is dishwasher friendly, freezer friendly and steriliser friendly.

Smooth transition to solids

Introducing solids to our 5-month-old has been made incredibly easy with the Nibble trays and fresh food feeder. So far it's been a wonderful journey transitioning to solid foods, and these have truly made the process easier

Easy peasy fresh feeding fun

The feeder is equipped with teething ears, making it effortless to disassemble and reassemble. Cleaning is a breeze too. I simply pop it out and replace it with fresh fruit. My daughter adores it because it's easy for her to grasp

Tiny treats made easy

Using the Nibble tray for breastmilk popsicles was a breeze! My son absolutely loves them, and I appreciate the minimal mess, making cleanup hassle-free.

Durable and Mess free

I'm impressed by the quality of these silicone popsicle molds. They're durable, easy to clean, and the push-up base is perfect for mess-free enjoyment.

Worth it

I use it not only for baby food but also for making ice cubes and popsicles. It's such a versatile kitchen tool.

Awesome pouches

Makes baby food storage easy using reusable pouches, great quality and easy to clean.

Minimalist design

I appreciate the effort to reduce plastic waste with these silicone popsicle molds. The storage organizer is a nice touch

Must-Have for Busy Parents

I love it! The portion-sized pods are convenient, and the popsicle mold feature is genius. It's a must-have for any parent.

Love these pouches!

Such a cute design and really sturdy! I was very impressed with how strong the seal is and how much product actually fits in these!

Great product!

The perfect size and the cutest design makes food prepping for my baby a breeze!

An easy and less messy approach to snacktime!

My little boy is nearly 5 months old and is soo interested in food but with his fine motor skills still being the best, the silicone feeder makes holding slippery foods like banana so much easier. I love seeing him explore new food experiences and the silicone feeder makes it a breeze. Would definitely recommend!

So easy to use

These reusable molds are so easy to use and the only hard thing about it is having to wait for hours for it to set. the kids absolutely love them and they were gone within an hour so we had to make more. My teething baby he was absolutely loving it and could not get enough. Cannot wait to try so many different recipes. love that it was dishwasher safe as well

Mess free popsicle making and storage

These molds have made our popsicle-making so easy! The four-pack allows us to make a variety of flavors at once, and the silicone material makes it effortless to pop out the popsicles once they're frozen. The organiser that sticks to the fridge keeps everything neat inside too so we never have to worry about spills or messes.

Perfect Popsicle Solution

These silicone freezer trays are a game-changer for making homemade popsicles! The sand color is lovely, and the quality is top-notch. I appreciate how easy it is to fill and freeze them, and the popsicles come out perfectly every time. Cleaning is a breeze too! Highly recommend for anyone wanting to create healthy treats for their kids.

Loved making homemade popsicles with these!

At first I started off using a spoon but then after awhile I realised it would probably just be easier to pour in so with the rest I just poured in. These mold also store in this little holder you can place in the freeser. So handy and keep them upright. Seriously everything should come with one of these

Versatile and Convenient!

Amazing for freezing puree in small amounts for baby even breastmilk! Just found out that you can even use them to bake little muffins.

Cool Treats for Hot Days

The molds are super easy to use, but they're also a healthier alternative to store-bought ice cream treats. I can whip up homemade popsicles using fresh fruit juice or yogurt, knowing exactly what ingredients are going into my kids' snacks. Plus, the silicone molds make it a breeze to remove the popsicles once they're frozen, so there's no fuss or mess involved.

Great product

The popsicle molds for the older kids are perfect for freezing yoghurt and their fave fruit to make healthy ice blocks for after school treats.

Cool Treats Made Easy

Absolutely love these silicone freezer trays! They're perfect for making homemade popsicles for my little ones. The duck egg color is adorable, and the material is so easy to use and clean. Plus, the popsicles pop out effortlessly without any mess.

Organised Popsicle Making!

These silicone popsicle molds with organiser are a lifesaver! I love how convenient and mess-free they make the popsicle-making process. The organiser keeps everything tidy in the freezer, and the molds are easy to fill and clean. Plus, the popsicles come out so cute and perfectly shaped every time. Definitely a must-have for any parent looking to make healthy treats for their kids

Perfect Popsicle Prep

Love these popsicle molds and the organizer is a game-changer! Makes prepping popsicles a breeze, and I can easily store them in the freezer without taking up much space. Plus, they're super easy to clean. Highly recommend for any parent looking to make healthy treats for their little ones!

Made frozen treats for my teething baby with this

Nice to know that aside from frozen treats, you can also put purees in them and bake mini muffins too. When pouring bleded mix I make I never go right to the top because when you freeze them they will expand a little bit. Super easy to pop in the freezer as well