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My baby hates being bathed!

Baby Bath

“My baby just hates being bathed. I’ve tried everything – washing him with a sponge, using different bathtubs and taking him in the shower with me. But he just screams as soon as he gets wet. Does anyone have some advice on how we can make bath time less traumatic for bub?”

Desire Mcgurgan

I find that most babies love being outside, so I gave my baby a bath outside in a paddle pool with toys. We then moved baths back to the bathroom with the toys and she likes it now, until I try to wash her ears.

Bekyy Rocca

My little one hated the bath to start off with too so I started sitting in the shower with him & breastfeeding in there. Once he was about 3mo my husband started going in with him and playing toys with him. Slowly he learnt to love it. He’s now six months old and would stay in the bath all day if we let him. We’ve never used any soaps or shampoos just coconut oil on his skin. We also have one of the blooming bath flowers, he loves lying on it and kicking. We have a shower/bath so often he’ll lie in the bath up too like this and we’ll be at the other end showering

nAtalie hart

Use a bath seat for them to lay on – my little one screamed the house down until we got one of these – instantly happy and looking like a lady on the beach with a martini! ? try the mesh one. Good luck!

lauren young

How old is bub? If he’s a bit older, maybe try playing with a shallow tub of water and toys during the day.

Or if he’s little everyone elses suggestions sound good. 🙂

If he’s teething, his bottom could be tender and that would make him hate any water on it.

Kate macca

Time. Not sure how old Bub is but both my kids used to scream every night when very little. We just persisted and it got better- they both can’t get enough of the water now. Didn’t last long although it might feel like it!


Hi there i had the same problem with my little one and my step mum said to put a face washer over his torso so he doesnt feel so naked and exposed and it worked. Now my son loves his bath time. I don’t know how old ur little one is but it worked for my little boy?


The hospital taught us to do this when my son was born. We use one face washer to cover his belly, sometimes one to keep his head warm if he is sitting up, and one to wash him. He has loved the water since day one.

The hospital also said many parents make the water too cold. They said make it just a touch cooler than your own water would be.


Baby bedtime bath its soothes and relaxes baby

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