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My baby won’t eat proper meals..

Solid Food


“My daughter is nearly 22 months and has always been small for her age, even before she was born but has always been healthy and full of energy. She loves to snack but won’t eat proper meals unless she’s in front of an iPad! She hates the high chair and will refuse to be fed in it, she won’t feed herself either (she plays with it). Should I be worried? Do you have any tips? It’s hard because we can’t communicate much so I can’t negotiate with her just yet.


Rebecca F.

I’m struggling with eating at all at the moment. I have found distraction is great though. He didn’t like his high chair but has come around since I put some suction toy on it for him to play with. If high chair is still a no go maybe try one of the portable ones that attach to the chair and see if some meal time appropriate toys help (by that I mean easy to clean).

Kirstin W.

You could try putting the iPad on the table while bubs eats in high chair and then every night moving it further away. Other side of table, kitchen bench etc until only music/noise can be heard then trying to replace it with music instead. My little boy likes to listen to toddler sing along songs while he eats.

Could also try laying her food out in fun shapes like a boat or a duck then singing songs that match the food like 3 little ducks or row row your boat.

Good luck and just know that you are doing a great job and persistence will pay off!

Amie L. D.

She sounds like a grazer. Just feed her small amounts often. If you’re super worried see your dr or child health nurse.

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