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My baby won’t stop crying!

QUESTION “My 3-month-old will only stay quiet for a few minutes after I put him down — then he st...

Am I too attached to my baby?

QUESTION “I am struggling to leave my 5-month-old for even a few hours. The older she gets, ...

Does anyone have morning sickness tips?

QUESTION: “I am about 8 weeks and I’m having horrible morning sickness, most days it lasts a...
Baby Bathing

My Toddler Won’t Stop Drinking Bath Water!

QUESTION: “Hey Ladies! This is a bit of a weird question but I keep catching my toddler dri...

My young son will have a baby sister soon. Any tips on how I can encourage the two to get along?

QUESTION:     “I am pregnant with our second child and my first son is two years old. A lo...
Baby Glass Bottle

My 3 month old baby won’t take a bottle, please help!

QUESTION: “My 3 month old baby won’t take a bottle and I’ve tried every bottle and nipple the...
Baby teats

How can I feel less lonely while staying at home with my baby?

QUESTION: “I’ve been a stay-at-home mum since my baby was born six months ago. Before that I ...
Baby Sleeping

Can holding my baby too much be bad?

QUESTION: “My mum says I’m holding my baby too much as I pick her up every time she...