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My mother-in-law says I’ll spoil my baby by holding him too much. True?

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“After a few weeks with my baby, I’ve noticed that everyone has many opinions, but I don’t know if I’ll spoil my baby my baby. Any advice you can give me?”


Sabrina N.

Ok so I guess you got your answer already but just in case, I held my first baby every second I could and he is now a wonderful caring loving 20 months old boy. You should see how loving he is with his one month old sister, it brings tears to my eyes. He isn’t spoiled at all. Good luck confronting your mother in law, as every generation had a different approach on parenting.


Cecilia A.

No, you can’t spoil a baby.

If that baby wants to be held and you’re able to hold it, then do. If the baby is ok with being put down, then put it down and have a rest yourself.

Stacey T.

You cannot spoil a baby too much. Hug and hold that baby as much as you want and can. You can’t get those moments back.

Mary Elizabeth H.

You can not spoil your baby by holding them. They have no concept of manipulation and spoiling. Give that baby all the hugs it wants.

Jaala N.

No such thing as holding a baby too much!!!

Anne R.

You can’t spoil a baby by showing love, it’s when you with hold love that things get spoilt.

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