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Is Cherub Baby an Australian company?
YES!  We are proud to be an Australian owned and managed company, based in Melbourne. So the profits our company makes, stays right here in Australia. Our operation is not just made up of our staff in Melbourne but the myriad of Australian contractors we employ from freight agents, to our Accountant to couriers to our 3PL logistics partner Marriott Industries, an Aussie not-for-profit organisation with an aim to achieve greater inclusion in the wider community for people with disability.

Are you products BPA Free?

In short, YES!  Being non toxic and promoting healthy eating, not just from the food you give to your Cherub but in the “healthy” materials it’s served in, is a core part of our brand.   It all started from our roots, when we became the first baby bottle brand in Australia to become completely BPA free.

Who designs Cherub Baby products?

All our products are designed right here in Melbourne, headed up by our Director James with every new invention road tested by his son Finn and niece and friends kids.

Do you ship outside of Australia?

Yes we ship to almost every country in the world, packed and tracked with care.  Check out our shipping page for more info.

What awards have Cherub Baby won?

We are sitting at over 40 awards and counting!  To view our entire awards collection click here.

Where are your products made?

Through rigorous quality assurance processes, we carefully select our suppliers and vigilantly oversee the manufacturing process from our satellite office in Guangzhou China. Our hands on approach ensures we safeguard our strict ethical and quality assurance procedures.  To us, our suppliers are our extended family!

Every one of our products is designed by our team in Australia and independently certified to the highest standards.

How are you doing your bit to reduce your impact on the planet?

Being mindful of how our products and our operations effect our planet is something we feel we owe, not just to you, our customer, but our customers kids and our kids too!  Cherub Baby purchases carbon credits from Greenfleet Australia in a bid to offset any carbon emissions we produce from our general operations. We are proud to be involved in their initiative that has planted over 9.6 million trees across over 500 forests in Australia and New Zealand.  We also donate to WWF’s “Don’t let nature go to waste” campaign, an initiative that helps clean up plastics that end up in the ocean and waterways.
You’ll receive your order either in a cardboard carton we have recycled and repurposed or a biodegradable & compostable satchel from our friends at Hero packaging. #supportaussie
We understand the importance of reducing waste and promoting recycling, which is why we provide instructions on all of our products for how they can be recycled.  Even our plastic pouch products can be recycled, processed and converted into useful items like kids playground mats and outdoor furniture!
Whilst we are not perfect, we are dedicated to improving any way we can.

How are you giving back to the Community?

If you produce offshore, how are you supporting Australian Business?

Whilst we really would love to produce everything we make in Australia, the facilities and technology specific to what we make isn’t here. What is here are fabulously talented people that run our Sales, Marketing, Accounting, QC, Operations, Logistics, R&D, Design and so much more.

Who tests your products?

The majority of our testing has been completed by independent labs SGS and Bureau Veritas.  Both are amongst the most established and trusted labs in the world.

What do I do if break one of your bottles?

We are proud to be the world’s only glass baby bottle brand that has a bottle drop guarantee! That’s how confident we are in our design.  For more information on the bottle drop guarantee click here.

Why don’t you sell plastic baby bottles?

A baby’s immune system is immature when they are born and so they are very vulnerable to toxins of any kind at the early infant stage.  When it became public that the toxic chemical BPA was being leached from plastic baby bottles it became extremely important to us to source the safest possible materials we could find to produce a bottle we were confident we could bring to market that doesn’t contain any potential toxins.   Whilst there are many options for materials now, we still feel that glass is the most pure and safe material for heating and serving breast milk or formula.  Made from natural materials at the source (sand essentially) it’s completely inert and non porous, meaning it doesn’t leach anything, it doesn’t harbour odours and is resistant to harbouring bacteria. Whilst glass can break you’ll also see from our patented shock absorb silicone bottle sleeve, we found a solution for that!

Knowing that our bottles are giving you little Cherub the best start to life is what drives us.

Do all Cherub Baby products come with a warranty?

Absolutely!  All products come with at least a 1 year warranty. Our digital thermometers come with a 2 year warranty for peace of mind.

What does Cherub Baby do?

At Cherub Baby we focus on the chaos so you don’t have to by developing innovative tools that help you along your way, when you are out and about, preparing healthy meals or nursing a sick Cherub.  Every Cherub Baby product delivers on a promise:

A promise of innovation: Clever solutions that solve everyday parenting problems.

A promise of functionality: Intuitive design that’s simple and effective.

A promise of responsibility: Bringing safety to the forefront of our processes whilst minimising our impact on the Earth.