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Am I Taking Something Away From my Baby if I Don’t Breastfeed?

“I am having trouble breastfeeding my baby and was wondering if I am taking away something fro...

I Am Being Pressured to Stop Breastfeeding

QUESTION: “I am feeling a lot of pressure from people around me to stop breastfeeding my bab...
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If I drink a glass of wine, do I have to ‘pump and dump’?

QUESTION: “The other day during dinner with my husband, our little one started crying, hungry...

Do I have to breastfeed for a whole year? It’s been six months, and I’m kind of over it

QUESTION: “It’s my first child and I’ve been breastfeeding for six months already. I am slowl...

How often should I be feeding?

QUESTION: “My paediatrician told me to nurse my baby every three hours, but I’m confused – ho...

Why is breastfeeding so painful?

QUESTION: “I’ve just had my first baby and I’m breastfeeding, but why is breastfeeding so pai...
Breast Feeding

Really sore nipples

QUESTION: “And I mean really sore, even after using 3 different brands of nipple cream. Any o...