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My baby won’t stay still for her diaper change!

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“Hi Mums! My 5-month-old won’t lie still for her diaper change. I’ve tried giving her toys and singing to her but all she does is fuss and squirm around. Now she has a stomach bug and I have to change ten diapers a day, plus take the extra time for diaper rash ointment. This is a nightmare please help!”


Kirsty P.

Finally ATM she has congestion so hates lying down on her back so we have a break after we are clean and before we are creamed where she can sit up for a bit to breathe.
the hospital. If bub is dehydrated the dr may send you to the hospital. Does the cough sound like a seal barking? If so bub could have croup. Hope bub feels better soon. X

Kayte M.

My five month old is the same. Try putting a mobile above the change table. Otherwise the sleepy sounds app with white noise chills her out or lullabies

Amanda T.

Honestly, my near 11mo is never still, always rolling for nappy changes, and I have to change him facing his side with my leg over top his belly to keep him from rolling/getting poo everywhere. I’m sure it looks terrible, but poor thing also has a problem with grabbing and hurting himself, too, so this stops both of those things (though he screams awfully the whole time, I’m not hurting him…he just hates nappy changes and clothing changes).

liz l.

It’s just one of those things unfortunately – it used to make me so frustrated, until one day I just realised that of course he isn’t going to lie still, why would he do it on the changetable if he doesn’t do it anywhere else?! Once I was less frustrated and more accepting about it, it actually became easier. Get all your supplies ready, then try pulling her onsie up over her arms to keep them tucked in. I found telling animated stories helped, or counting loudly to 10, or giving him “toys” that he didn’t usually play with (a hairbrush, a whisk), play peekaboo with a facecloth. If all else fails and you are struggling, go for the iPad.

Sunshyne K.

My latest addition is like this too so I feel u lol
A change table with a Velcro fastener is an option but I find getting something of his older brothers that he hasn’t seen before helps. I usually give it to him and go as fast as possible lol.

> Kirsty P.

Yes any older kids age inappropriate usually forbidden object that they can get their hands on, provided it’s not actually dangerous under close supervision can help. I had a roster of three different things in turn at least cause magic wears off.

Angelica S.

If you can’t distract by singing, funny faces, toys etc then you just have to get in and get our as best you can.

Susie M.

Either sheer force to hold them down or maybe wriggler/ nappy pants instead of regular nappies? Some bubs like to be able to change on their feet or knees.. doesn’t work too well for explosive poo but can save your back for regular changes! ?

Franki W.

Mine was the same. She still can be sometimes (she’s 10 months now). I found giving her random (light) things like the sudocreme lid, her mini stacky cups, plastic chew toys (anything to hand really) and randomly placing them on her chest, nose, forehead, cheeks (and repeat when she moves them it gets bored) would distract her long enough to at least wipe, cream and get a new nappy underneath and done up. The hard bit was doing the suit back up! Good luck

Joyce M.

I think it mayb a developmental thing and their curiosity in the world. My little girl is 5 months and is constantly trying to grab at the wipes box, wipes packet or anything above her head. The only time she wont grab at things is when i change her nappy at night and thats coz shes asleep. I have found that giving her a piece of her clothing to play with whilst u change her can sometimes help keep her occupied.

Allei S.

Huggies now have a smaller sized nappy pant for wrigglers. There nappy pants are a god send. Good thing is they valcro side tabs for those poppy moments. You could also try a nappy rash spray instead of cream. But if you want the best I suggest sudo cream (I love sudo cream).

Lynne W.

No advice really on how to calm baby down on the changing mat other than what been said already. However I just discovered caldescene nappy rash spray. It’s amazing. So much easier to put on other than the usual creams. Also I find the pampers pull up nappy pants are so much easier to put on when they start wriggling.

Michelle D.

My 14 month still does this,its bloody annoying but you just got to do it!! ?

Jackie W.

Hey sorry to say bit it’s just going to get worse my nearly 1 year old wriggles so much he nearly falls off the change table D: the only things I’ve found helpful are giving him objects he’s never seen before and nappy pants good luck and try to relax when you do it i know when I get stressed it makes it 10x harder.

Connie C.

I have the same issue will not still still i have resorted to putting the wiggles on my phone and sometimes dose the trick.

Candice B.

Can try Stickers on hands!

> Kristy p.

I’ve put long socks on both hands up to elbows before. Any “puzzle” that takes a while to work out or otherwise occupies their attention the most… can be an annoying thing to them just has to trump nappy.

> Kristy p.

Oh if you have nappy pants … nappy pant on her head! Mine went through stage of triumphant if she just got hold of a nappy … even if I was still changing her dirty one with another clean one down below.

> jamie n.

Stickers on their face is a good one. Worked for me.

Kate B.

Must be the age…my 5mth old boy is like that too!

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