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My toddler won’t let me brush her teeth!

QUESTION: “My toddler (20 months) wont let me of my hubby brush her teeth. Every time we try – ...
Food Pouch

My toddler only likes smooth foods

QUESTION: “My toddler only likes smooth foods like baby food, purees and yogurt. Textured fo...
Baby Bathing

My Toddler Won’t Stop Drinking Bath Water!

QUESTION: “Hey Ladies! This is a bit of a weird question but I keep catching my toddler dri...

My toddler won’t talk!

QUESTION: “My toddler mumbles a lot, but only speaks a few words I can understand and very...

My baby has unreasonable tantrums! I don’t know what to do. Help!

QUESTION: “It’s been days and my baby’s tantrums are not changing, Every-time he gets grumpy ...
Baby Sleeping

Can holding my baby too much be bad?

QUESTION: “My mum says I’m holding my baby too much as I pick her up every time she...
Baby Light Smack

Is a light smack so bad?

QUESTION: “I know physical punishment is bad, against the law even, but is a light smack real...