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My toddler won’t let me brush her teeth!



“My toddler (20 months) wont let me of my hubby brush her teeth. Every time we try – she just clenches her mouth shut. We have tried using gauze, a damp wash cloth and a childs toothbrush and brushing together as a family – but nothing is working. Any tips are appreciated!”


Kristy D.

I got lucky and my 15mo doesnt mind it. We made a game of it.
Plus he waits for us to sing the “brush your teeth” song.
Keep trying, maybe let play with the toothbrush? We did this during a teething time, he knawed on it then would brush as it helped him.
Hope it goes well x

Robyn V.

I let my little one play/use the toothbrush in the bath since he was about 1 year old. Then he watched his older cousins brush their teeth and instantly was interested in the whole process.
Good luck it can be tricky and as with everything, it just takes time ?

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