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My baby has unreasonable tantrums! I don’t know what to do. Help!



“It’s been days and my baby’s tantrums are not changing, Every-time he gets grumpy I check to know if there’s something wrong. However, I see nothing wrong. Any idea of what is bothering him so much?”


Mandie E.

Teething and growing. a miserable experience. and from experience they seem to overheat easier at this time and get grumpier!

Cassie K.

Agree with Jamie, babies cry for a lot of reasons but don’t have tantrums. If mum is breastfeeding, baby may be needing to be fed more often due to a growth spurt (or may just need more feeds if a newborn). My babies would go through phases were they would feed almost hourly for a few days then their weight would jump up. It could also just be that bub wants to be held more, or doesn’t like to sleep alone, which are perfectly normal, though sometimes inconvenient. Wearing bub in a carrier may help if that’s the issue.

Jaimee C.

Babies don’t have tantrums…
How old is he?

Mandy M.

I think maybe a growth spurt? Which does cause their little bodies a lot of pain and they need heaps more love attention and maybe playing games or take bub oout xxx

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