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My baby won’t stop crying!



“My 3-month-old will only stay quiet for a few minutes after I put him down — then he starts crying. I’ve tried everything I can think of to settle him down, but he won’t stop crying until someone picks him up again. I feel like my arms are about to fall off. What can I do?””


Debbie B.

It could be silent reflux – I went through this with my little boy when he was around the same age as yours – as soon as he had his first reflux medicine dose he was a different child – I’ve learnt don’t be afraid to take bub to doctors if something is amiss…we as mothers can pickup on the smallest of changes – good luck ?

Liana G.

Is there possibly an issue with reflux? My 7 week old gets a lot of hiccups and quite windy and when he’s out on his back cries a lot. He’s better off laying on his belly. My 3 yo when he was a little baby- he just liked to cuddle and I would pop him in a sling and wear him around when he wanted to cuddle.

Belinda J.

Do you have a carrier/wrap? It’s a god send for your arms!

Vanessa H.

Babywear. A lifesaver!

Lisa D.


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