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My young son will have a baby sister soon. Any tips on how I can encourage the two to get along?




“I am pregnant with our second child and my first son is two years old. A lot of people ask me if he knows he’s going to have a baby sister soon. Do you have some tips on how I can introduce this to him?”


Stephanie V.

My son was 14 months when his sister was born, so it was difficult introducing the idea to him. I would talk to him a lot about the baby and let him feel her kicking and we also got into the habit of him kissing the baby good morning. Once she was born we continued the habit as he seemed to enjoy giving his sister a morning kiss.
I found it took about 2 weeks before having a sister was completely normal to my son and he couldn’t really remember what it was like before she was born. Obviously, as your son is older he will remember what it was like before the baby was born longer than my son did.
He also loved to help care for his sister, like washing her feet when she had a bath and putting her clothes in the wash etc.
We found that this book also helped him understand the change in the family enormously (we changed the character names to match our family) and after reading the book he always wants to help me with the washing, like the boy in the book. My daughter is almost one now and they adore each other (when they’re not cramping each others style with too much love and cuddles). All the best. You’ll have heaps of fun and it won’t be anywhere near as scary once the baby is born ❤️

Sina F.

My first one was 23 months when her sister was born.
Once my belly started growing we started slowly saying that there is a baby in there and she’ll be a big sister soon. Of course it was hard for her to understand at first. But taking her to all the check ups must have helped. She knew every time we went to the midwife we would listen to the baby and my daughter would say ‘bum bum’ (she meant the heartbeat)
She wasn’t interested in her baby sister for the first two weeks and we didn’t push her. And now she gives her little pads and checks up on her. We also let her choose a little cuddle toy to give her sister after birth. And she often takes it to give to her sister

I guess talking about it is helpful, taking him to check ups might be good as well. And just give him his own time to get used to the new family member
All the best ?

Sammy M.

My son was nearly 2 when his sister was born in the lead up we read I’m going to be a big brother a few times and pointed to my belly saying baby was in mums tummy. I made sure I put bassinet and baby swing out and explained they were for the baby . Once she arrived he would help change her nappy and bath her and I would get him to do helpful things for his little sister

Tegan D.

I’m literally in this same situation. My son is 2 + 3months and baby due next month. I bought him a doll and been trying to roleplay with him. He steals the bottles I’ve got out to feed his baby – super cute. I’ve also been talking to him about baby and let him lift my top up to see and feel belly. He doesn’t fully know whats going to happen but my plan is getting him to help bring me things (eg nappy, bottle etc). So he feels like it’s his baby and he’s helping. I’m sure it will take a bit of time but then it will be the normal. Good luck xx

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