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Am I too attached to my baby?



“I am struggling to leave my 5-month-old for even a few hours. The older she gets, the worse this is becoming. Work feels painfully long and on the weekends I can hardly stand to be away from her. It’s not that I’m worried about my baby sitter – it is my mum and I know she is fine with her. Given a choice between a date with my husband and all of us being home together, I’d rather be home. Is this normal?”


Peta I.

Absolutely normal! My daughter is 3 and I still feel this way. My daughter is 3 and we are haven’t had a night away without her, I think I would miss her too much. 🙂

> Elizabeth M.

We’re similar. My daughter is nearly 2 & we haven’t had a night away from her & she’s always had at least one of us looking after her.

Alyona K.

I think, it’s natural, u’re a mom now?

Jackie W.

Yes this is completely normal 🙂

Elizabeth M.

Totally normal.

Candice C.

Very normal!

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