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My Toddler Won’t Stop Drinking Bath Water!

Baby Bathing


“Hey Ladies! This is a bit of a weird question but I keep catching my toddler drinking water from the tub. I make sure she drinks water before we take a bath so I assume she’s not thirsty at all. Any suggestions on how to get her to stop?”


Ali P.

No idea, but my little man (2yrs Next month) does this too ?

> Paula B.

Don’t worry Ally… they all do it . They are now 16, 14 & 8 and are still alive & well ?

Daniella M.

Yeah my 16mth old tries too. I jave a little plastic container we fill with tap water for her to drink while in bath. Trying to help explain only drink water from tap not bath..she is better.

Katie G.

My son did this. I now have a 15 month old that can drink from a normal cup. I just don’t put cup like toys in if I put soap in.

Rachel A.

It’s fun.. Let her do it, maybe don’t put so much soap in if your worried. You could leave the tap running a bit and get her to drink from there.

Julia C.

My 9 month old twins do this too! Does seem to hurt them!

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