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Does anyone have morning sickness tips?



“I am about 8 weeks and I’m having horrible morning sickness, most days it lasts all day long. It is keeping me in bed almost all day as it’s making me sleepy and feeling awful. Does anyone know anything I can do?”


Brooke M.

Zofran !! Get a prescription for it it saved me I’m six month’s preggosaurus and up til four weeks ago copped it every day, I tried pregnancy teas, over the counter morning sickness tabs, ginger,mint you name it nothing worked until I had zofran, and keep up the fluids ‘ hydralite’ etc now I’ve just gotta deal with the heart burn which sucks but is so much better than puking every single day !!

Debbie D.

When i had my kids fruit tingles helped with heart burn

Erin Lee M.

Sounds like Hyperemesis gravidarum or HG for short. I’ve had it badly with all three of my children. Go to your gp and mention you think you might have it and make sure they check your thyroid as mine had actually started shutting down, explaining why I was so sleepy. Other than that, 2litres of water next to the bed, sipping through a straw. Eat things that are softer so that if (when!) It comes up, your throat isn’t killing you at the same time, and don’t feel bad about sleeping. You need it.

> Kilean A.

Best thing I did was the soft food thing. HG sucks big time and keeping hydrated was the key.

I found club soda worked better than flat water for me. But we are all different.

I also followed the BRAT diet. Banana apple rice and black tea on the really bad days.

And my mantra was this too shall pass.


Emily S.

I had to take ondansatron, it worked amazingly for me. My doctor prescribed it. I highly reccomend it. I also agree with Erin, if they haven’t already checked your thyroids, I would get that done too. I tried lots of natural ways to feel better but nothing worked except what the doc prescribed.

Allei Shaddick.

Try herbal teas and jam on toast. Works wonders. Ive found herbal teas to be amazing! The benefits are awesome too! A lot of people say no to jam on toast when vomiting has occurred but if you don’t have sugar in your tea it works.

Jemima B.

Peppermint is awesome for upset tummies, I drank peppermint tea to cure my morning sickness but it was only minor. Toast is always good too, not ouchie coming back up either ?

Megan Lea T.

Lemon in water and peppermints worked for me.
I was chewing peppermints all day but it was better than the alternative.

Cassandra M.

I would go to your doctor as that is pretty severe and sounds like the extreme form of morning sickness which is not good..

Tara T.

I had it for 20 weeks and was hospitalised 3 times. You need zofran wafers (ondansatron) from doctors if you can’t keep food/fluids down! Good luck!!

Bec E.

Fruit tingles and Powerade

Doreen P.

I had morning sickness very bad through first pregnancy, for 2nd, 3rd & 4th ones I would keep a box of dry biscuits (like salada) beside the bed – don’t lift head from pillow, just reach down and grab one, eat a little before getting out of bed. It worked enough that I could function and the nausea settled fairly quick.

Monique R.

Ondansatron (Zofran) was the only thing that worked for me and it saved me. I could barely function and was vomiting about 10 times a day, all through the day and night from 6 weeks to 15 weeks. It was hell. The only thing that helped me was Ondansatron. It’s expensive, but highly recommended!

Upasana A.

It might sound stupid. But when this happened to me I realised that Elevit was making me sick coz as soon as I started it I was having this so called morning sickness which went on whole day ? So I changed it to Blackmores all went perfectly back to normal. Also most of them said theirs stopped at 12 weeks.

Veronika P.

Sucking on lemons helped for about 5 minutes but it was honestly the best 5 minutes every! Mine subsided at 9 weeks so hopefully you’re like me!!!

Alvea F.

I found this really great tea it’s called jasmine pearls you can get it at most tea shops or order it online it stop it straight away

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