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My baby has the worst gas!

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“My 4-month-old has the worst gas! It doesn’t even seem to bother him most of the time, but it smells terrible as if his tummy is really upset. I’m breastfeeding and cut out dairy for a couple of days but there was no change. Does anyone have any suggestions of other foods I could try cut out? or should I just let it go as long as he doesn’t seem bothered by it?”


Allei S.

Definitely Infants Friend. Managed to breastfeed my son until 9 months old, weening him slowly onto soy milk was a breeze. Also has he started solids yet? If not it could be an option too. Most people say breast only for six months but not always the case, especially if really gassy. It could be that your fatty milk (foremilk) is filling him up and he’s not getting the required water milk (hind milk) to level it out. Try feed, nappy change, feed. Especially if your doing it in the order of nappy then feed. Unless bubs has pooped then you could do nappy, feed, a quick burp and play, then offer more breast. This will also help increase breast milk supply.

Lauren Y.

I don’t have any dairy in my diet as I’m lactose intolerant, but my daughter still had an intolerance to the natural lactose of my breastmilk. I moved her to lactose free formula and she just flourished. But always check with your GP before moving bub to a lactose free formula.

Kate B.

It takes around 2wks for dairy to be out of your breastmilk and about 4wks to get out of your babies gut system. Found this out the hard way. You might be able to try a baby probiotic too…Bioceuticals is a very reputable brand and highly regarded in medical world. Also peas beans legumes etc can give them wind too. Look at your diet also ?

Susan D.

Infant’s friend

Jamie N.

Read gripewater

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