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My 18-month-old baby has stopped eating!

Baby Food


“My 18-month-old has stopped eating. He’s never been very good at trying new foods, but at least he would eat baby food. Now he won’t eat at all; which is alarming. Our pediatrician said to take the baby food away and let him be hungry, and when he’s hungry enough he’ll eat. But he cried so much when I tried it, I didn’t have the heart to continue. Any suggestions?”


Naomi W.

I’d wonder if he’s in any pain at all? There has to be a reason for him doing this, but I agree with others, take him to his GP or his Pead and discuss it with them. They are more qualified than an average mum, but I will say this: go with your gut. Never doubt your mother instincts. Always let your intuition lead you to what you need to do. 🙂 Hopefully he’ll start eating you out of house and home soon! 😀

Amie L.

He might have sensory issues. My 1st would go hungry, he would get so hungry he would throw up! So we stopped that quick smart and fed him what he would eat with offers of other food to try ( he has sensory issues ) he was like this from the moment we started solids and is now 8. He loves most fruits, will only eat cauliflower/broccoli and carrots in the vegetable department and has only in the last 2 years started to tolerate mashed potatoes. He won’t eat any red meat other than mince. I’m ok with that, he has been more willing to try new things the older he gets.
Oh and I should say it turns out he had extremely large tonsils, he has them taken out last year and has been a lot better since then.

Libby S.

My daughter went through something similar at 18 months was always a fussy eat she still is at nearly 3. She lived on yogurt, fruit and cheese sandwhiches for what felt like forever.. I suggest you offer him what ever he likes and will eat it’s better then nothing even if it is baby food

Ashleigh H.

Just keep trying to offer extra foods and small finger foods that may interest him but still give him his purée until he swaps over. Better for him to eat then not and the whole ‘if kids are hungry enough they’ll eat’ doesn’t work for every child. I have a daughter that literally starved herself for 4 days because she didn’t want to eat what we gave her when I thought enough was enough!
Your his mumma so follow your instincts, you know him better then anyone.

Swatisha R.

Try eating with your baby…then he might eat out of curiosity…I am mother of 20months old and he is a fussy eater..but this trick works most of the time

Desiree M.

Apricots are amazing at the moment and my baby loves them fresh. Does he want to eat what you eat?

Mel S.

My suggestion is take him to the GP and find out what the underlying cause could be.

Not everything is a behavioural issue.

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