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My toddler only wants to eat crackers and chips. What can I do to stop him?

Solid Food


“I have a two year old who loves crackers and chips and doesn’t want to eat other food. However when I put those chunky bananas, apples, carrots on his table, she refuses to pick and eat them up.”


Jessica C.

Stop giving her crackers and chips ( make sure they are out of their regular spot and cant be seen so you can show there aren’t any)for a few days and offer only other foods.
She’ll have a few tantrums but will eventually eat when hungry.

Cassie K.

Have you tried giving healthy dips with the crackers? My son loves hommous and also avocado. You can make or buy ones with spinach, pimpkin, cucumber etc. Then you can introduce veggie sticks for dipping, fruit slices with yoghurt for dippping etc.

Kate M.

Make a game/give a reward every time they try a new food.
There are also heaps of recipes out there to make healthy chips and crackers which will contain hidden veggies and fruits – try one handed cooks or my lovely little lunchbox

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