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If I drink a glass of wine, do I have to ‘pump and dump’?

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“The other day during dinner with my husband, our little one started crying, hungry. That’s when I realized I didn’t have any breastmilk ready to use. I had a glass of wine during the dinner. I’m not sure of what to do in this case, do I have to ‘pump and dump’?”


Cassie K.

The alcohol in milk decreases like it does in your blood. Pumping and dumping is unnecessary and won’t speed up the process. There are guidelines for how long to wait after how many drinks, and even an app for it by the aba. Their advice is to plan ahead but ‘if, on a single occasion, you have a little more alcohol than you had planned to or if your baby needs to feed sooner than you had anticipated it is OK to breastfeed your baby.’ One glass of wine would fall under that I think.

Juanita G.

It takes 1hr and 36 min for your body to process a standard drink. There is a safe feeding app I downloaded when I had my bub two years ago. I can’t remember what it’s called but it registers when it’s safe to feed and that’s where I got that timeframe from.

Jeollern C.

Pretty sure pump and dump doesn’t work. It’s like a blood alcohol level for driving. If you wouldn’t drive. Don’t feed ur bub. But also only 1 drink an hour any more than that, don’t feed bub.

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