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How often should I be feeding?



“My paediatrician told me to nurse my baby every three hours, but I’m confused – how often should I be feeding? Does that mean from the start of a feeding or from the end of one feeding to the next? My baby’s feeding sessions sometimes last an hour.”


Nicky L.

From the start of the feed… but, if they’re hungry sooner than 3 hours you should feed them as and when they require if they’re breastfed.

Lucy B.

We were on scheduled feeds due to weight loss and it was 3hours from the start of the last feed. ?.

Stacey T.

When my first had to be on scheduled feeds due to jaundice, it was every three hours, and yep that meant from the start of the feed. But we went to demand feeds once she was better and put on weight ?

Tammy M.

But if you have a child who wants it more (breastfeeding) then give whenever they want it. Some feed more often with a longer gap at a particular time.

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