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My baby is refusing solids

Solid Food


“My 7 month old daughter is refusing solids. She just wants breast milk (which on occasion I supplement with formula.) She once threw up when she saw cereal coming! I have tried veggies and fruits but she just gags and spits them out. Has anyone else had this issue? We have been trying since 4 months.”


Leah B.

You could just sit her at the table with you while you eat and put some finger foods on the tray and let her play with them and try them to herself. Our boy loved lamb cutlets, chicken drummies, steamed carrot sticks and cheese sticks around that age.

Mel S. 

They say that for the first 12 months “food is for fun”

> Naomi W.

Except actually that’s not entirely true. From about 6 months they start needing other nutrients that lessens in milk. ?

Amie H.

Some kids take longer, You could try some table foods, look up baby led weaning (2 of my kids responded to this better than mashed/purée) my daughter was just over one before she stopped gagging over everything.

Naomi W.

Keep trying different things, she’ll get there when she’s ready. Have you tried Baby Led Feeding? Give her bits and pieces of food rather than purées and see how she reacts. My own daughter was not a fan of being spoon fed. As soon as I started putting food down for HER to feed herself with, she got into it more. Once she was feeding herself, as she was distracted, I gave her spoonfuls of a bit of purée with denser nutrients that she needed. It worked well. ?

Sandy F.

My son would only have my only have milk for the first 2 years doctor said not to worry.then one day he just started eating.so dont stress over it.as long as your child is well and happy.

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