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We are struggling to name our baby



“My partner and I are struggling to name our baby. Everyone wants to know what names we are thinking but any name we mention, people insult them. My friends and family have literally had something negative to say about every single name I have liked. How can I deal with their comments?”


Sabrina N.

Well that doesn’t sound like the most supportive surrounding… I guess not telling anyone the name you choose is the best way to avoid unwanted comments. They’ll find out soon enough. And don’t let criticism get in your way, cause if you choose something you don’t really like just to please others, you may regret it all your life, each and every single day, every time you call your child

Tricia K.

All you need is a name you and your husband agree on and make sure it sounds good with your last name. Just stop telling people what names you are thinking of and say you are waiting till the baby is born to announce the name you both have chosen.

Kez N.

Just don’t tell them the names ? honestly once you have named your baby everyone will get used to it pretty quickly even if they weren’t originally a fan. It’s hard enough to find ones you both as parents agree on – you can’t get everyone’s approval.

Felicity I.

Dont tell them its none of their business. Everyone will have an opinion and we always think negatively we never give positives to names. Choose what yoi and your hubby like

Michelle D.

Def dont tell anyone,just announce the name you like when bub is born, my parents weren’t sure about me naming my son Osiris but they love it now ?

Abbi Gottsche.

We told no one, we kept it to ourselves till our baby was born. No amount of pestering was going to get the name out of us and no one has dared say anything bad now he is here ?

Jen S.

I wouldn’t tell people. You wont get anything negative when the baby is born as thats ruder

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