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My baby won’t sleep anywhere except in her car seat!

Sleeping Baby Car Seat


“Hi Mums! My 4-month-old won’t sleep anywhere except in her car seat. If we’re lucky, she’ll sleep in her crib for maybe an hour before she wakes up crying. Is it possible that the space in her crib scares her and that she likes the smallness of the car seat better? I’d really appreciate suggestions about how to get her to sleep in her crib.”


Katherine p.

Oh we loved using the love to dream swaddles so my son didn’t wake up with the startle reflex 

sabrina n.

2 rolled towels UNDER the fitted sheet, one on each side of her. No risk of her covering her head, and she’ll feel contained. I hope that’ll help, good luck

kirstin w.

You could also try a shusher or a shusher app? The sound of the car may be assisting with bubs sleeping as opposed to a quiet room.

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