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My baby has suddenly become a fussy eater?

Food Maker


“Until recently my 9-month-old loved pretty much anything that I fed him. But suddenly he is refusing to eat anything except bread, cereal and crackers. How can I get him to eat other foods again?”


Sarah C.

My son did this around that time. He was teething. He got 2 teeth down the bottom come in at once

> Cherub Baby

Hey Sarah – the mum has confirmed that the baby is indeed teething! Do you have any tips that worked for you?


> Sarah C

All i did was give him yogurt and custard bc it was cooling in his mouth them i gave him his normal food but with no chunks so he could swallow easy.

Jade P.

My baby is 9 months and has been doing this exact thing, he has had a tooth coming through for the last week or so could this be why?J

Tania L.

Just keep offering it along with his favourites. He will get curious again and start eating. It might just be teeth 🙂

Amie Luke D.

Is he teething?

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