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How can I help my baby start crawling?

Crawling to Stairs

“My son just turned 9 months old and he still isn’t crawling. He rolls around on the floor but doesn’t really show any interest in actually crawling, he also doesn’t pull himself up and hold onto the furniture. I’m worried that he might be getting behind developmentally. Cognitively, he seems to be keeping up with the milestones but he’s having some trouble with locomotion. Does anyone have any advice on anything I can do to help him?”

Liana g

Maybe holding his hands and walk around with him holding your hands so he enjoys being “upright” ?

But I will say to you though, is don’t feel disheartened. Ignore the “my son/daughter was crawling/walking at …..” comments and hold your head high.

Sometimes some kids just take a while to get going and once they do- there is no stopping them. You may even find once he starts crawling, he may start walking a month later. All kiddies are different

charlotte o

My babies 1 and 3 didn’t crawl till around 10/11 months. They then quite quickly walked after that. Just different babies, no rush.

Vanessa H

My son only started moving on his tummy when he was 11 months old, he started crawling at 13½ months and only started walking around 18months. We saw a paediatric physio and a Dr and finally an orthopaedic surgeon. The surgeon told us that kids learn at different rates. Their brain just needs to switch on to what they are capable of doing. With my son, instead of crawling he focused on his speech. By 12 months his “baby” vocabulary included just over 15 words. Perhaps your baby is focusing on developing another skill. The recommendation is that if they are not mobile by the time they turn 18 months, then you need to consult a Dr. I’ve been there and understand the concern. It will happen and when it does, there will be no stopping your bub

Catie w

They do things in their own time. My little man only just started trying to properly crawl (instead of commando crawling) at almost 11 months. Still managing everything else and is definitely Mr Independent – so I’m sure your little one is fine

claire d

Nearly 10 months for a crawl which is more like a giraffe because he uses his feet rather than knees. Before that it was just mad flapping on the floor like he was skydiving!! Now, a month later he is not only

Crawling at the speed of light but pulling up on everything about nearly ready to step. Babies do things in their own time. I’ve babysat plenty of boys who took their sweet time walking and talking (one who waited until he was 3 then used full sentences.) We were worried too but honestly – babies, especially boys, shouldn’t be held to a timeline. Enjoy not having to run after him and baby proof the house for a tiny little bit longer and much love xxxxx

Ella G

My son didn’t start crawling until 3 weeks before his 1st birthday.

He didn’t take his first steps until 19 months.

He has always done things on his own terms.

In saying that his very advanced cognitively. So yes each child is different and will all learn to do things in there own time.

Stacey T

My now 3 year old didn’t do a proper crawl until 1! 2 months later she was walking. Now you can’t stop her ? ? children will develop at their own rates. I wouldn’t stress. My 8 month old hates being on his tummy, he always rolls straight on to his back and isn’t keen with sitting either, no matter how much I try, I’m not worried, when he is ready he will crawl walk and there will be no stopping him. ? x

Allei S

Every child is different. First make an appointment with his paediatrician (if not seeing one), mainly to rule out hip disorders. Also lots of tummy time!!! A fun little game is to crawl around and play peekaboo with them. We love remote control toys, maybe find one that’s quite and he fancies? Fun for all! We have pets too so my children mastered what I call “the monkey run” hands and feet no knees, straight from army crawling. Every child is different. He may even surprise you by skipping the crawling (especially if he practices when you’re sleeping).

jaala n

Don’t worry, just make sure he gets plenty of tummy time, he’ll crawl when ready

lisa b

See a paediatric physio

bianca a

My son is my third child (has two older sisters). He didn’t start crawling until 11months and walked at 14months. My girls crawled at 8months and walked at 10months. I thought the same as you – I was worried. So they are all different and boys can be a little slower than girls. Don’t worry about what everyone else says. I’m sure the Maternal Child Health Nurse will reassure you ?

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