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I am pregnant and tired – how do I motivate myself to exercise?



“After my first pregnancy I had a lot of trouble loosing the weight. I am now newly pregnant with my second child and I really want to avoid gaining so much weight this time – I want to exercise but I am just way too tired to motivate myself. Just wondering how other pregnant mums keep up an exercise routine/what sort of exercise they do?”


Rebecca F.

Commit to a regular walk with someone. I had gestational diabetes and the diabetic diet really lifted mu energy levels too and it’s actually not that bad once you start plus it’s designed for pregnant women so you get all the nutrients you need but keep the extra weight off.

Kate Michelle P.

See a naturopath to help with energy levels- you might need some diet changes and supplementing.
Then start small 30 minutes a day, maybe just walking. When you can do that for a week change it up. Add in swimming or light cycling. Find a prenatal yoga class or contact a local PT who can work with pre and post natal woman. Start small & set goals. You know what you want – you can do achieve it.

Sarah C.

Grab a walking buddy or aqua aerobics? You’ll want to keep going the feeling at weightlessness is very much satisfying

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