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I am pregnant and struggling with acne.



“I’m 15 weeks pregnant and really struggling with acne. It’s affecting my relationship – I feel horrible and don’t want to see anyone – including him! I went to my doctor but he told me I shouldn’t use medications. Does anyone have any other ideas?”


Kate M.

Try finding a salts of the earth centre I’ve heard great results from them for acne and it’s safe while pregnant.
I’m going to see a dermatologist for my acne as the GP’s just do not help. Regardless of pregnancy there should be something they can do to help. And I waited and waited for it to improve and it didn’t – got worse post partum!
If you can try again with the GP and explain how much it’s having an impact on you. Ask for a referral to a dermatologist if you’re not happy with their response.
I’ve found the Mary Kay acne control system to be helpful but hasn’t solved he problem 100% just a reasonable improvement. And the Thursday plantation acne products too they should be suitable for pregnancy.
It’s so hard! Good luck I hope you can find someone or something to help.

Rebecca D.

Change your diet. Don’t wear makeup and maybe try an acne wash? 🙂 goodluck with it sweetie and remember you’re beautiful and your making another life right now. X

Monica M.

Do you wear makeup? Ypu could get a full coverage foundation i like dermacol i got one for $8 on ebay from australia shade 210 its awesome i have fairly light skin i usually get the next shade up from ivory in a yellow tone hope that helps ?

Amy M.

I found using lavender essential oil helpful and also pure coconut oil

Bridgitte C.

I second the coconut oil. And “peri-natal” counselling, specifically for the reasons you posted here.
And change to a female doctor for the duration of your pregnancy.

Markeen V.

Tea tree oil!

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