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My baby is sick with a blocked nose and congestion..

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“My 6 month old daughter had been sick for about 3 weeks with a blocked nose and congestion. She finally got better and now just a week later she has a cough. I don’t want to keep shoving medicine down her throat because I’m sure it can’t be good for building her immune system. Does anyone have tips for what i can do?”


Brooke M.

Use a steamer or a humidifier with eucalyptus or something similar in her bedroom, baby Vick’s is good, saline nasal sprays etc etc, sometimes all the mucous running down the back of the throat from the nose can cause coughing, especially at night when baby is laying down flat, go and see your gp if your really that concerned

Madeleine Kay J.

Have you tried essential oils lovely? I use On Guard from Doterra. You can diffuse it to kill airborne germs. I also use it to disinfect our dummy, toys etc. Just be careful about using the right dilution for babies.

Marta T.

Baby vicks and vaporiser works really well

Stacey T.

My GP suggested Vitamin D (comes in drops) and probiotics for building immune systems I get a baby probiotic and mix it In food.

Suzanne S.

We popped a folded rug under one end of the cot and made sure it was secure (didn’t move with a wiggle test). Seemed to help ease breathing, and if baby moved the wrong way in cot she just corrected herself. (We did this for her reflux too) If they get a good sleep then they have a better chance of fighting of the bug.

Mel S.

The cough may also be a residual symptom but not indicative of a current infection. Nosefrida! Best $15 I’ve spent on a babycare item and wish I’d had it with my first 3 children!

You have to get as much mucous out as possible because the bacteria breed in it and come back swinging.


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