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My baby has a cold – what can I do?

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“I’m a first time mum I’ve got a 8 month old who seems to be coughing, struggling to breath and has a blocked runny nose his been refusing to drink his bottles and has cried for the whole night and refused to sleep I was wondering what should I do should I maybe take him to the doctors or take him to the hospital If it’s that serious.”


natalie d.

A trip to the Drs to put your mind at rest and also get bub a once over. As above, panadol, Vicks on the chest, plenty of cuddles and persevere with trying to get fluids into bub. Is bub having wet nappies? Also look at bubs breathing, if bub is working extra hard the skin around the chest cavity will suck in. This is when you should take bub to the hospital. If bub is dehydrated the dr may send you to the hospital. Does the cough sound like a seal barking? If so bub could have croup. Hope bub feels better soon. X


Sounds like 1st winter cold, don’t go to the hospital see your GP 1st. I’ve got 4 kids and they have all just had a really bad cough and cold that’s going the rounds every where. Just keep offering fluids, panadol, etc your dr will be able to make sure it’s not a chest infection etc ❤️


Definitely go see your dr. If nothing else it will put your mind at ease.
In the mean time; panadol, nose sucker to clear out the boggers, baby vicks on the chest and feet, humidifier and cuddles.
When my daughter was like this my dr said currently her choices are breathing or drinking and she is choosing breathing. He will take his bottle again soon. Just need to help clear up his airways first. Xx
Good luck x

Oh and cuddles upright so that his nose isn’t dripping down the back of his throat, otherwise he will end up with a sore throat to. X


Trip to GP’s and try a vaporiser with some Vicks solution in in-close the vaporiser in bubbas room for about 30min before bed and then leave the door open but vaporiser on at night (just make sure it has an automatic shut off when the water level gets low). Also Vicks on the chest and a saline nasal spray as often as needed. Hope bubbas cold passes quickly !


Since ur baby is having breathing problem u should defiantly take baby to the hospital , I faced same when my baby was at this age last year. It seems like a general cold and cough but it is really hard on the little one’s that they struggle to breathe . The doctors might give some oxygen support to ease breathing.


Save a trip to the GP and call the “13 SICK” number. That way Dr comes to your home at any time during day/night and less contact with outside while they arent feeling 100%


Recently had my 6m old sick and block/runny nose and the doctor did nothing. There’s no medicine to fix it… she was choking on her phelm all day


I just had my 1 year old not take bottles, and it was due to blocked ears. I’d get everything checked to make sure! He screamed the house down when he tried to suck. I got some wax softener from the chemist and we were back to normal!
The house call doctors are wonderful if you can’t get to a gp, they give great advice too. Good luck!


Warm steamy showers also help ??

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