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Why is my baby’s poo green?

baby poo color


“I’m worried, why is my baby’s poo green? After having my first baby I recently went back to work, so switched from breastfeeding to formula. I’ve noticed that my baby’s poo has changed colour and is now more green. He seems healthy in every other way. Is this something I should be concerned about? Should I take him to see a doctor?”


Melissa M.

My son has only ever had formula and was always green it’s the formula.

Jade E.

Yep it’s the iron, I switched my DD a couple of times as she had dark green stools and was really constipated on one formula, found the lowest iron content formula and her stools went back to normal colour and consistency.

Cassie K.

Shouldn’t be an issue, I’ve heard it happens a lot with formula. If it worries her, she could try breastfeeding bub when shes home/just in the morning and evening and giving formula when she’s at work, to help bub’s gut health. If it’s only been a few days or weeks the milk is likely still there, and many mums, myslwf included, are able to maintain supply for months or years with just one breastfeed a day.

Hanna M.

Of your breastfeeding it’s that the baby is getting more foremilk than hind milk! Encouraging to finish on one side to get more hind milk will help:)

Neha G.

What I was told it’s because of iron, most formulas contain iron thus the color. When in doubt, I refer to the poop palette:

Poop Pallete

Melinda B.

My son has only ever had formula and was always green it’s the formula.

Sheree S.

You do what’s best for you because ultimately if your not happy Bub will know. You need to be in the beat place you can be mentally and emotionally and if breastfeeding isn’t getting you in that place then don’t feel guilted into breast feeding, there’s some amazing formula around now!

Becka S.

You can do what ever you like… i had constant supply issuies and gave up at 12 weeks.

Reannyn D.

I had to stop at 3 months because going back to work full time was not agreeing with my supply. It is most certainly up to you when you stop maybe start by mixing it up with breast and bottle and eventually just bottle and express if you need.
No such thing as stopping too early i think. P.s i now have a very happy and healthy 4year old x

Shannon M.

do whats best for you. breast feed, expressed milk and bottle feed or formula feed. 6 months is a great effort and giving them 6 months of boob is nothing to feel guilty about.

Maria O.

I highly recommend The Milk Meg. great advice, great support, great information. you need to do what is best for you both <3 you got this!

Jessie F.

Whilst WHO guidelines recommend 2 years, how have to do what is right for you.
For some mums that is feeding until baby self weans for others it’s transitioning at 1yo and others wean earlier for personal reasons and transition to formula as milk should remain babies primary food until 1yo.

Kathleen B.

Babies still need nutrients in breast milk or formula for minimum 12 months, expressing or making bottles is next, i had difficulties producing milk with my first (nothing after 2 weeks) and only had milk for 4 months with 2nd, 3rd breastfed for 16 months.
Its a personal decision and whatever makes mum and bub happy is best, i have known mums that refused to breastfed from the start and i have known mums still feeding at 2yrs, dont let anyone tell you that your decision is wrong or bad – its crap – all our kids end up the same.

Melissa M

With my first I could only do 6 weeks, with my second 12 weeks and with my 3rd 5 months. I’ve worked full time with all my children n this is what I could allow time wise. You don’t have to Brest feed. It’s up to you what you do.

Samantha S.

Normal, when I swapped to formula same thing happened.

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