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My bub hates car rides, what can I do?

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“My 12 month old hates car rides. As soon as I start the engine, she starts crying. Her cries makes makes any journey a nightmare and I can’t find an alternative to not ride the car. I tried adjusting everything, straps, blankets, her clothes but all to no avail. I tried putting her toys around but all were unsuccessful. Could it be motion sickness? Please help!”


Elinor F.

We had this until we turned the seat to front facing. Now he likes the car as he can see what is coming up and the parent driving. Australia’s child restraint laws only require your baby sits in a rearward-facing seat until she is six months old, experts recommend you do not move your child to a forward-facing seat until she passes the labelled upper shoulder markers.


Desiree M.

You could try giving her a favourite snack when you put her in.

Shane B.

Our little one loved the mirror so she could see herself when she was rear facing. In cars without the mirror she wasnt as happy.

Jay T.

Have you a big mirror at the back so she can see you and the front with? It could be separation anxiety.

Try shorter journeys for the time being and take her somewhere she enjoys. Try talking to her about what she might be trying to say to you. I.e. “oh you must hate being in the car seat facing the back. You must be so bored back there by yourself. It’s no fun, is it?”

Try a new toy or an interactive toy and leave that just for car journeys.

Try music she likes or calming music instead.

And I’m sure it is a phase – hang in there!

Jaimee C.

Id get her used to it. Put her in the car with it turned off and play with her. Then try with the car turned on, but you still next to her playing and making it a nice experience.
If you think its the car seat, you could take it out of the car and bring it into the house. Place her in the carseat and see if she still gets upset. If so, play with her and make it a nice place to be while shes in there. Being in it more often will help her to get used to it.

Nikki Z.

Could it be the car seat is uncomfortable?
Could you try putting an iPad etc on the back of the headrest (rear or forward facing) with a kids show on?

Emma M.

My son went through this and still occasionally has tantrums about being in the car seat, pretty sure it’s just a fase as he is getting better.

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