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My toddler hates having his nappy changed!

Nappy change


“Hey ladies! My 15 month old hates having his nappy changed. This is new, he used to be fine but now the moment we put him on his back he kicks and cries and stands up. We have been changing the nappy with him standing – which he doesn’t mind at all. We have got this down pat, but for a messy nappy this does not work!!!! Any advice? (please!) ”


Jaimee C.

Distraction. Lay him on his back when your not changing nappy, so he gets used to it. Try changing nappy in different places (maybe he doesnt like the change table).

Asma S.

My 13 month old is the same. I distract him with cartoons or just give him a toy to play.

Kayla W.

This is exactly what my 1 year old son does he kicks screams then turns into his side when I try to change his nappy I try and distract him with either his favorite show or some toys.

Kerryn H.

It’s a phase. Toys books. Something they shouldn’t have works well too.

Nappy pants are to expensive to use. My girl is past it. Happens sonethings but i have books ready to go or an old phone or hand cream tube etc

Katie G.

I think all kids are the same. My 1 year old is. I go between letting him play with the email cream tubes, a toy he hasn’t seen for a while, singing where he knows the actions, and unusual toys (at the moment we have a blown up glove with a face living on the change table)
And sometimes it still doesn’t work. Just tough it out and bub will get past the phase eventually.

Vanessa H.

Definitely distraction. Give them their favourite toy to play with. Also do counting, and make it fun! Have laughs and do kicks in the air with their feet. It works wonders!

Nikki N.

Had the same issue! God bless nappy pants!

Amanda M.

Nappy pants time maybe

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