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I am flying with my baby for the first time – any tips?

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“I have a 6 month old and we are flying to Bali for a wedding, I am so nervous the he is going to be crying the whole time. Does anyone have tips for flying with a baby? I am also worried he will get sick. I am so anxious I am barely looking forward to the trip!”


Samara A.

Seasoned baby traveller here. Flew with 2 month old London to Brisbane. 3 month old Brisbane to London. 6 month old to Switzerland. 10 month old took to China. And more. Madness but fun and worth it. Love the above comment.
1 – take your pram through immigration. you can check it at the plane door.
2 – a dark coloured extra large muslin for covering the crib against light so your bub can sleep and to keep the cold air blast off their bodies.
3 – take sippy cups, dummies, bottles and drinks and little crackers snacks to chew/ drink on takeoff and landing.
4- install a shusher/white noise app on your phone to help them quiet if they cry.
5 – sounds cruel but a backpack with a lead is helpful for a tot on the move.
6 – small toys are the best. My little one loved clips and buckets so I made her a blankie and sewed on lots of buttons, buckles and clips for her to practice with. Kept her entertained for hours. Nowadays you can buy these types of toys. Small toys with lights and buttons are good too.
7-iPad (I know, I know, but sanity prevails on a long trip).
8- spare clothes for baby.
9 – spare clothes for you (in case of poo explosion).
10- pouches of food (the airline will have some but it won’t be a good selection.
11- nappies. Again, airline might have some but don’t rely on this
12- bottles and formula pre-measured. They will let the liquid thing go for a baby. You might have to taste though!
13- I found a humidifier helpful, you can get small portable ones that work with a bottle of water.
14- a baby wearer/carrier is fab to get baby close to you so you can rock shush to sleep and make baby feel comfortable while you have your hands free. I’ve spent many hours bouncing and rocking in the galley 🙂 stewardesses won’t mind if it keeps baby happy.
15- lots of baby wipes, and Bali, don’t forget sanitiser, Imodium. Go to the pharmacy and see if there are baby products. When I went to China I packed enough food for my baby for over a week. Took avocados, potatoes, and food pouches. I did end up letting her eat in restaurants, but in case I was unsure I always had a backup option.
16- VIP Comment. Don’t worry if they cry. Don’t worry about the other passengers. Just enjoy your journey, stay stress free, you’re doing the best you can. Good luck. ENJOY!!

Michelle L.

We have flown a fair bit with our young children and when they were younger I always gave them nurofen or Paracetamol about an hour prior to boarding and an hour prior to landing (we did massive flights, to Bali it may be too close). I also gave a dummy or bottle while ascending and while descending. My youngest used to get ear infections and we never had an issue with screaming or pain doing that.

Sina F.

We flew to Europe when bub was only seven month. 22 hours on the plane were definitely a challenge.
Breast feeding helped with the plane taking off and landing. If not the feeding, have one ready for when the plane takes off. Have the favourite toy on hand, some books, teethers and crackers (or whatever but can already eat). Get one or two new toys to surprise and entertain your little one if he gets unsettled.
I had packed too much to be honest. Cuz our little one was happy with exploring the plane and all the things she could get her hands on ?

Natalie J.

Baby carriers are great, took our 8 month old to Japan it was a life saver

Lindsey C.

Our baby carrier is a lifesaver when we go overseas. When our babies get upset, we pop him/her in the carrier and go for a walk to the bulkhead parts of the plane. Works every time?

Melissa K.

I would definately recommended a dummy even if they don’t usually use one. The sucking action is good for their ears. Just make sure you attach it too them so it doesn’t end up on the floor if they spit it out.

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