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How Does Colour Affect Babies?

how does colour affect babies

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Colour plays an important role in the world in which we live. It has the ability to influence emotions, change actions, and cause reactions. Choosing a colour scheme for your baby’s nursery and belongings is an important first step towards creating a new environment for your little one. It can be a difficult decision for expectant parents. We may think we know what is best for our babies, but what do they really love?  The importance of how colour affects babies shouldn’t be underestimated.

So how does colour affect babies?

Babies see colours from the time they are newborns. A newborn’s developing eyes can best see the high contrast in colours, shapes and sizes. Growing research confirms that babies as young as 4 months show a preference for certain colours and the ability to recognize different colours improves around 18 months. It is the same time they begin to notice similarities and differences in shape, size, and texture.

Children have colour likes and dislikes according to individual character and stage of development. That’s why parents should also understand some of the principles of colour therapy and colour psychology.  Colour has the ability to inspire, excite, soothe, heal and even agitate. Just as colour affects the mood of adults, so too does colour affect babies. To understand how colour might be used, it is important to begin by understanding responses and how it impacts on your baby’s new environment.

Here are some ways how colour affects babies

1.) Children respond well to bright colours because it reflects the liveliness of their nature.
2.) Softer or pastel colours are best when it comes to rooms where babies are going to be sleeping.
3.) Too much yellow can evoke feelings of anger and frustration resulting in fussy, over-stimulated babies.
4.) Children who experience tantrums or other behavioural problems may appreciate the soothing effects of a blue environment.
5.) Baby girls can settle happily into any colour as long as red or blue are not the dominant choices.
6.) Children may be helped by having them do their homework under red light.
7.) Blue can help the body slow down to fight diseases with a fever and calm down after a shock.
8.) People who are discontent show a change of facial expression when exposed to yellow light.

While the decision-making process can be overwhelming, following this simple colour guide can help make your little one’s new environment happy, colourful and interesting.


Always attracts attention. It has the ability to energize the body and excite the mind. It’s a hot colour that evokes powerful emotions of passion, strength and desire. Although it’s too active and overpowering for nursery walls, red can combat lethargy. Red is appropriate in small doses and will boost energy. Avoid using red in an environment when calming is needed.


Is associated with the sky and water; things that are cool, calm, tranquil, peaceful, and clean. It is the colour of harmony, unity, and security. It encourages relaxation and is good for a baby who gets warm easily because of its cooling effects.

Sky Blue

How does blue colour affect babies?


Represents youth, fun, happiness, sunshine and other light playful feelings, which stimulates, activates and frees from fear. Yellow sheds light on our lives and helps us see things clearly. Avoid strong or large doses of bright yellow in nursery room because it can cause anxiety and overstimulation among children.


Is a mixture of red and yellow and is the colour of joy and happiness. It’s a fun colour and works equally well for girls and boys. It encourages confidence, extroversion and independence. You can use a darker orange for a super-cosy atmosphere or bright orange for a punch of modern.


Symbolizes clarity, innocence and purity, as well as a new beginning, rebirth. This is the perfect shade to paint any room, especially a newborn’s. It is also associated with everything good. A bright white room accented with different colours can be great for kids if you do it correctly and don’t worry about the dirt.


Symbolizes nature and thus promotes a serene and calming environment. Green is a relaxing colour that is easy on the eye and has a healing power to it. Scientists have also found that green may improve a child’s reading speed and comprehension. If you live in an urban environment, adding green to your nursery can be an excellent way to connect with nature.


Has a calming feel that can translate to both sexes. Pink is one of the most common colours that people think of when they think of designing a girls’ room. It makes a girl feels pretty without making her feel too much like a princess. It is also the colour of love—both love of self and love for others. Pink colour affects babies by stimulating creativity and strength.


Has always been associated with spirituality and in accordance. It lends the individual spiritual strength and promotes awareness and consciousness. It is a very soothing colour that symbolizes art and uniqueness. Purple is a great colour to paint a baby’s room, depending on the hue you go with. Usually, very famous among little girls. For babies, stick with a pastel shade of lilac and accessorize with light green or pink.


Represents sophistication, formality, and wealth. It denotes elegance, mystery, and style and signifies power and authority. It is also another colour to use in moderation. Modern room decorating ideas that include black colour attract and frighten at the same time so adding bright accents is important.  Black and white colours balance each other, creating a harmonious, elegant and relaxing nursery decorating design.

The birth of a child is an exciting adventure. It is full of unfamiliar things, unexpected surprises and joy.  So investing in quality equipment that is used to support your baby’s growth and development should be vital. Whether you are planning a nursery or providing your newborn some colourful items, Cherub Baby is not only giving tips and advice but also providing the best, most innovative and colourful feeding accessories that your little one will surely love.

So, what are your favourite colours for your baby?


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