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Breast Feeding Buying List

Breast Feeding Buying List

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While breast feeding might seem like the most natural thing in the world, some new mums may struggle in the beginning. However, nowadays there's a whole range of products available to help make breast feeding easier. These products include special pillows, breast pumps, clever breast milk storage ideas, reusable breast milk bags, nipple creams, specialised clothing and many more.

While we're not advocating that you go out and buy everything on the list, there are some important items to consider:

Breast Pumps For Breast Feeding?

A breast pump is vital to assist in the breast feeding process, especially if you are going back to work. It helps you control your feeding routine so you can express even when baby is not ready to feed and provides you with milk in reserve.

But how do you decide what breast pump is correct for your breast feeding needs?  One of the biggest factors in deciding what breast pump will suit you is your time restraints. 

If you know you want to carry on breast feeding when you go back to work, whilst traveling or you are generally on the go, an electric breast pump is for you. 

If you plan to only use your breast pump on occasion, perhaps once or twice a week, then a manual breast pump should suffice. 


Manual Breast Pumps


  • Cheap, portable and very easy to use.
  • No electric components.


  • Slower to draw milk than electric pumps.
  • They require manual hand-use to express milk.


Electric breast pumps


  • Quick and efficient, plus the battery operated versions are portable.
  • The fastest way of expressing milk.
  • Nowadays the motors are super quiet.


  • Less gentle than manual pumps.
  • They may not be portable if not battery operated


Breast Pads

Breast pads (otherwise known as nursing pads) are used by many mothers to absorb any leakage from the breast during the period that mum is breast feeding.  The breast pad is worn under the maternity bra and most breast pads are designed to contour to the breast and are concealed within the bra.

Not every mum will have leaking breasts, and no, this does not mean your not making enough milk. However, if you do struggle with leaking breasts, then breast pads can become lifesavers. 


reusable breast milk bags


Reusable Breast Milk Bags

Did you know there are now many different ways to store breast milk?  Some mothers still favour breast milk bottles and they have long remained the traditional choice to store breast milk.

However, only some brands of baby bottles are safe to turn into breast milk containers. But nowadays, you can store breast milk in specially designed reusable breast milk bags for more compact storage that can then be warmed straight from the fridge.


  • Reusable breast milk bags are compact, airtight & portable.
  • Great for the fridge or for freezing.
  • Easy to label and keep track of.
  • Cheap and easy to store.


  • You may need to transfer the milk back into bottle for feeding.

Breast Feeding - You Might Also Like

In addition to using these practical reusable breast milk bags, you could also add a handy Cherub Baby Food Pouch and Breast Milk Pouch Organiser. This unique patented pouch organiser is the perfect way to store your reusable breast milk bags in your fridge or freezer. They will keep the pouches organised and don't take up too much space.

breast milk storage bag organiser

And if you are using the reusable breast milk storage pouches to store breast milk when you're breast feeding then you will need to  make sure the breast milk bags are labelled correctly.

The Cherub Baby wash-off food pouch labels can be used with your reusable breast milk storage bags. Simply fill in the details like the date you expressed with any pen or marker and stick it to the pouch. After you have used the pouch, the label will easily come off in warm soapy water, so that you can use the pouch again and again!

 wash off pouch labels

While there are many more products out there, you don't have to rush out and buy them all. Try not to stress too much about breast feeding, but be prepared with some of the basics.

To breastfeed or not is one of the most important decisions for most mums. However, if you do decide to breast feed, you may come across some problems, but any problems you may face are not insurmountable!



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