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Top 5 Fun Baby Shower Games

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Baby Shower

BABY SHOWER GAMES -Tips & advice!

Throwing a baby shower for a new mum-to-be is no easy task. A successful baby shower can greatly rest on the memorable and fun baby shower games, like baby bingo, you have at the party, as well as the food (!!) and of course – good company.

Here are some ideas for you to start you off. In addition you can print out name badges for your baby shower guests and even some baby bingo cards if you're fteling creative.

Feel free to customise any of the games according to the mum-to-be’s taste and the sex of the baby if known. But most importantly, have fun!

Never Say “Baby”

As guests arrive, pin a badge and an extra safety pin onto their top.  No one is allowed to say the word “baby” during the entire baby shower party. Whoever catches someone saying the forbidden word will take the culprit’s nappy pin and pin it with her own. The guest with the most number of nappy pins at the end of the party wins a prize.

Taste Test

Warm up the crowd and have a pre-meal game before you serve afternoon tea. A funny way to do this is to have them test some baby food. Line up all participants in a row and blind fold them. One by one, have them taste different baby food flavours from store bought food pouches and have them guess the combination of the baby food.  Every time someone gets a flavour wrong, they are out of the game. The last person standing will be declared the winner.

Belly Up

Instead of a string, put a new spin to this baby shower game and have guessers say how many toilet squares they think will match the belly size of mum-to-be. The closest person to guess the actual size wins a prize. Mix it up and allow halves and fourths to the sizing (example: “Mummy’s belly is nine and a half squares”).

Battle of the Super Mums

This fun baby shower game works best if you have lots of mums at the baby shower, but anyone can participate! Have each mum hold a doll, or even a bag of pasta or rice, if you don’t have dolls around representing a baby. The other hand must be free to pin some clothes or tea towels on a section of your clothes line outside or a few clothes horses while her mobile phone is in one ear.  The super mum with the most clothes hung to dry in 60 seconds wins the game.

Drink Up Daddy

This funny baby shower game is a unique way to involve the daddies or the daddy-to-be in the baby shower games (if they are keen!). Make sure that the number of dads, granddads or men present matches the number of baby bottles you have. Fill them with any liquid you want and have the daddy's drink it by using a teat. This funny baby shower game is harder than it looks and can really get the ladies laughing while cheering for their husbands. The first man to finish their drink wins the game.  You can also have a variation of this game by doing a couple relay. The first couple to complete their bottle between a course wins.

Baby Bingo

When things are winding down, a fun and creative way to involve everyone after the opening of the baby shower gifts is through a game of Baby Bingo. We have found a range of free baby shower bingo printable cards for you to download and play, courtesy of The Spruce. The game consists of a number of baby words on different bingo cards. You will need some pencils for your guests to mark their cards and you will need a couple of nice prizes for the winners – there may be more than one. You can print multiple copies of the baby bingo cards if you have more than 12 guests. The one who shouts bingo first wins the game and gets a small gift!

When in your pregnancy you have your baby shower is all up to you! But we recommend you don’t leave it too late as when you get closer to the date, you’ll have plenty of other things to organise!

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