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Baby Nursery Ideas

baby nursery decor ideas

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Setting up the nursery for the new addition in your life is a delightful endeavor. You are creating the second environment for your little one. Although your baby’s nursery won’t be as comfortable as your womb, it will definitely be more fun to set up. But where do you start with so much choice? We’ve put together our best baby nursery decor ideas and some baby nursery tips so that you can enjoy preparing for the arrival of your little one.

Essential Baby Furniture

The biggest hit to your budget when it comes to setting up your baby’s nursery is the furniture. It’s easy to get carried away when you see a gorgeous bassinet that goes along with the princess theme of the girl’s nursery that you were going for. However, although there are convincing arguments on the merits of a bassinet, your baby will grow out of it in four months – a pretty short life for a piece of furniture that doesn’t come cheap. Opt instead for a value for money baby cot that meets all of the safety standards.

Best baby nursery ideas should include a comfortable armchair or rocking chair. The rocking motion can be both soothing and stimulating to babies when feeding and comforting late at night. Like baby cots, you can easily find a rocking chair that abides by safety standards but won’t break the bank.

Lastly, a changing table or place to change baby is essential. A cost-savvy method is securing a changing pad frame onto a regular dresser.  You can still use the regular dresser once your child grows out of his or her nappies.

Baby Proofing the Nursery

Your baby’s safety is your number one priority. So baby proofing the nursery should take precedence over how pretty it looks. When your baby is a newborn, the most important items to baby proof are the cot and your changing table.

Although it may be tempting to use the vintage cot that has been in your family for generations, a cot that does not meet Australian safety standards may actually be the most dangerous place for your baby. Avoid using a drop-side cot and make sure that there are no areas where your baby’s hand, feet and head can get trapped. Make sure that the cot is positioned away from the heater, lamps, wall decorations, windows and cords. The cords of window blinds pose a strangulation risk, so make sure that your cot and baby are far away.

The next biggest risk to your baby is the changing table. Never, ever leave your baby unattended on the changing table. Always use the safety strap and keep one hand on your baby for extra security.

Lastly, make sure that all tall pieces of furniture are secured to the wall. You never know when a growing toddler may suddenly decide they make a good climbing jungle gym.

Source: http://prsarahevans.com


Baby Nursery Decor Ideas

We’ve saved the most fun for last – decorating your nursery! There are so many baby nursery decor ideas that you can go for. Are you looking to have a modern nursery, or would you prefer a traditional theme?

Although you can wait until right before you give birth to set up your nursery, it’s recommended to do it in the second trimester when you still have the energy. Determining whether you want to decorate for a boy’s nursery, girl’s nursery or even a unisex nursery is half the battle when it comes to nursery décor.  This will be dependent upon whether you found out the sex of your child or not. Remember to keep it neutral if you plan on having two children in the same room as your second child may be the opposite sex to your first.

Source: http://what-rachel-made-today.blogspot.com



An inexpensive way to create an engaging environment for your child is by using removable wall art. Wall art such as decals and framed pictures are easy to change as your baby grows into his or her toddler and teenaged years. Just make sure that they’re secured onto the wall so that they don’t fall onto your baby. Another important thing to keep in mind is that although you’ll want the décor to be as engaging as possible, bright colours may over-stimulate and irritate your baby. Choose a neutral tone for the walls and use the wall décor to add little bursts of colour. 

You can learn more about how colour affects your baby here.

Recently decorated your nursery? Why not share your baby nursery ideas with us!

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