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Baby Shower Themes and Decorations

Baby Shower themes and decorations

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Throwing a baby shower for your girlfriend who is about to be a mum for the first time (or the third time) has only one purpose: to literally shower her with love and affection before she enters a new phase of life with her new baby. The best way to approach a baby shower is to follow a theme. There are plenty of baby shower themes out there. This way it is much easier to decide on all the other elements of the baby shower, like the baby shower decorations, and tie them in.

We've put together a selection of our favourite baby shower themes, so read on to get some inspiration!

Baby Cake

Baby Shower Themes

“Bun in the oven”

Taking popular pregnancy phrases is a good idea to build a theme around throwing a baby shower. You can take the term “bun in the oven” literally and build a theme around that. A tea-time baby shower will go well with the different foods that come from an oven. Serving a variety of pastries, cookies, and cakes can be a perfect spread while keeping your party within the spirit of the theme.

You can also get inventive with your games. Using dough, you can have your girlfriends form different baby essentials that you have pre-chosen. The mum-to-be can judge on the best one for the winner. You can even bake them in the oven as a funny baby shower keepsake for the mother-to-be!

“She’s about to pop”

You can also build your theme around the saying “she’s about to pop.” Start by making sure that the venue is filled with balloons. You can fix balloons to the wall in your theme colour. Serve “pop” themed food such as popcorn, cake pops, soda pop, and chicken lollipops.

Other baby shower décor ideas can include using popsicles sticks instead of name cards.  Use oversized lollipops instead of flowers for centrepieces. You can even greet guests with a bubble machine set up. Or perhaps a bubble container party favour to shower the mother-to-be in bubbles when you toast her. It is also easy to use the balloon theme to your games. There are countless of ideas for games that involve balloons!

Gender Baby Shower Themes

If you know whether mum-to-be is having a boy or a girl, it is easy to create the baby shower theme around this too.  You can easily choose the baby shower decorations and colour palette of the party according to the sex of the baby. This is a traditional route with your theme. 

Don’t hesitate to mix and match with other baby shower themes and ideas.  You can dress up the venue like baby’s nursery as part of your baby shower decorations.  Some ideas include ABC blocks as centrepieces. Or different cutouts of animal shapes stuck to the walls, and even giving away stuffed toys as party favours.

A Day Spa

If you are throwing a baby shower closer to the delivery date, you may want to consider a theme along the lines of pampering mum-to-be.  A day spa can be just what mum needs to relieve some discomfort as she soldiers through the last few weeks of the final stretch of her pregnancy.  You don’t need to worry about this baby shower themes’ decorations either. You can simply organize for a spa company, massage therapist or beautician to actually come to your venue and give you a private session for all attending guests!  Whether you long for a back rub or foot massage, in need of a manicure and pedicure, or just want a rejuvenating treatment, this baby shower theme is something every woman attending is sure to be excited about.

Travel and Adventure

Another important aspect to remember when considering baby shower themes is to know the interests of the mum-to-be. If your pregnant bestie likes to travel, or often refers to her baby as “the little hitchhiker” then you can consider throwing her a shower along the lines of a travel and adventure theme.

A few baby shower decoration ideas to spruce up the venue can include using little globes as table centrepieces or hanging a few airplane mobiles. You can even serve dishes from different parts of the world so the spread matches the theme.  You can infuse the travel and adventure theme to other elements too. Like using postcards instead of thank you cards.

Building your theme around the mum’s profession or hobby is also very ideal. If mum likes to write or is in a related profession, you can build your theme around this. Decorating your venue with newspaper bunting not only gives a festive feel to the party, it proves to be economical as well. Feel free to paint over them to make the venue colourful. Format your invites like a newspaper article by printing out “Extra! Extra! It’s a Boy (or Girl)!” Instead of signing up on a guestbook, you can ask guests to write a short limerick as a message for the mum-to-be.


Whatever you decide to do, it is important that you involve and get the input of the dad-to-be as well. Involving the husband will not only be a source of valuable information about the mum-to-be and her pregnancy, but the collaboration will be enough to surely make her very happy. Finally, she’ll be happy to receive baby shower gift packs!

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