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Easycook Baby Food Maker, Steriliser & Warmer

Are you searching for a simple and easy solution to effortlessly prepare homemade baby food but also sterilize and warming your baby's bottles, all without overcrowding your kitchen space? Your quest ends here!

Healthy meal preparation has never been this simple.

The Cherub Baby Food Maker seamlessly combines four essential functions: steaming, blending, sterilizing, and bottle warming, providing unparalleled convenience for busy parents. Simply turn the dial and press to steam/sterilise and blend!

Preparing wholesome homemade baby food has never been simpler. Just place your ingredients in the steaming bowl, turn the dial and press to perfectly steam and blend purees. Say goodbye to the hassle of using multiple appliances – this all-in-one wonder eliminates the need for separate gadgets.

Designed with your baby's health in mind, our steam and blend feature preserves vital nutrients and vitamins, ensuring a nutritious start to your baby's feeding journey. The gentle steaming method retains the goodness of ingredients, making every meal a healthy choice.

Additionally, our compact design optimizes your kitchen space, taking up only half the bench space of other brands. It consolidates all your essential appliances into one, without compromising on functionality.

Forget about constant monitoring and washing multiple pots and gadgets. With our baby food maker, meal preparation becomes a breeze. The large blending jug efficiently processes up to 12 baby meals at once, saving you valuable time. Plus, transferring puree into our reusable food pouches is mess-free and effortless.

Experience the ease and efficiency of the Cherub Baby Food Maker – the ultimate solution for busy parents seeking nutritious, homemade baby food without the hassle.


  • Pulse blending so you can control the consistency.
  • Defrosts baby food, breast milk bags and food pouches.
  • Warms baby bottles.
  • Sterilises baby bottles and accessories.
  • Suitable for fruits, vegetables, meat and fish.
  • BPA free and phthalate free.
  • Safety lock in blending mode.
  • Automatic overheating cut off.
  • Automatic timer for steaming times
  • Extra large jug capacity to make up to 12 meals at once.
  • Built in tray for tongs and accessories.
  • Built in water tank.
  • Voltage 240V.
  • Power 300W
  • Size 27 x 18 x 25cm.
  • 2 year warranty
  • This product is part of our fresh food feeding system

What’s in the Box

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GMA-516697-EA.Tested & certified by Global Mark to Australian Standards. AS/NZS 60335.2.14.2017, 60335.2.2020, 60335.2.15.2019

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Q. How should I clean this product?
A.  Hand wash the jug and blade in warm soapy water, then rinse. Wipe down the motor unit with a clean cloth. Follow the descaling instructions provided.

Q.  How long does it take to cook baby meals?
A.  The cooking time varies based on the ingredients. Steaming fruits, vegetables, or meat can take anywhere from 10 to 25 minutes.

Q. Can I sterilize and warm bottles from any brand with this product?
A. Small bottles (approximately 150ml or less will fit in the jug to sterilise, as well as dummies, teats and most breast pump components)

Q. How do I defrost milk bags and food pouches?
A. Place the bag inside the steaming basket and select the bottle warming mode to gently defrost using steam.

Q. What's the warranty period?
A. Rest assured, we offer a comprehensive 2-year warranty. If you encounter any issues, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Q. Can I order spare parts?
A. Certainly! We maintain stock of all parts for this unit. Visit the spare parts section on our website or get in touch with us directly to request the specific part you need.


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Steam Blend Sterilise Warm

Preserves Flavours & Nutrients

large capacity 
cook up to 12 meals at one time

2 year warranty

4 devices in one

  • 01


    This versatile baby food maker is meticulously crafted to steam yourbaby's food using the healthiest method, ensuring the retention of allits natural vitamins and nutrients. This innovative baby food processorcan steam a variety of ingredients, from meats and fish to pulses andvegetables.

  • 02


    Sit back and relax whilst the baby food processor effortlessly purees steamedfruits and vegetables within seconds. Its sharp blades are capable ofblending even tougher ingredients like chicken or meat. Operating thisunit is incredibly easy - there's no need to relocate or clean it. Justtransfer your steamed or cooked food into the blending unit, push the pulse button in and the mixer will swiftly create a uniform puree in mereseconds. With the pulse mode, you have the flexibility to produce eitherchunky or smooth meals for your baby.


  • 03


    The baby food maker offers the additional feature of steamsterilization, allowing you to sterilize items such as small baby bottles, pacifiers, teats, and variousaccessories.



  • 04


    Utilize the baby food maker to defrost and warm your bottles, baby foodpouches, and breast milk bags safely and gently through its warmingfunction. The process of defrosting via steam is gentle, even, andsecure, preserving essential nutrients effectively.




Customer Reviews

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What is the Cherub Baby Fresh Food Feeding System?

At Cherub Baby, we believe that making home-made nutritional baby food is the best start for bub and doesn’t have to be hard work.  We’ve carefully developed a solution that covers every part of home-made food prep from making nutritious baby food to storing, labelling, freezing, warming and serving in a quick, easy, no mess, no fuss way.

We call this our fresh food feeding system.

  • Steam and Blend

    Our 4 in 1 Baby Food Maker gently steams fruits, veggies, meat and fish preserving nutrients and vitamins. After blending, simply pour purees straight into our reusable pouches.


  • Reusable Food Pouches

    The no mess easy way to portion home-made baby food, yoghurt, smoothies and more. Simply pour in food, seal the ziplock , label and enjoy no mess direct feeding by attaching spoons and spouts.


  • Wash Off Pouch Labels

    Label your reusable pouches with these easy stick on labels. Name and date them with any marker and simply wash them off with soapy water (or dishwasher) when you clean the pouch.

  • Pouch Organiser 

    Stick the organiser to the underside of your fridge/freezer shelf and slide in your pouches for a tidy, organised first in first out system.

  • Bottle & Pouch Warmer

    the convenient go anywhere instant warmer to warm up pouches whilst on the go or at home. Simply click the disc and wrap the warmer around your pouch to safely and efficiently heat it up for mealtime.

  • Pouch Spoons & Spouts

    So it’s time to eat!? Just screw on a pouch spoon (perfect for mini’s learning to feed) or a soft pouch spout (for the independent mini) directly onto the food pouch, for an instant ready to serve nutritious home-made meal. Perfect for at home or on the go. Straight from pouch to mini’s mouth ensuring no mess. Look down and admire that sparkling clean floor :-).