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  • Re-use over & over 

  • BPA & phthalate free

  • Easy to wash

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee (See T&C's)





Reusable Baby Food and Yoghurt Pouches


Built to last, our reusable food pouches are your secret weapon for baby’s weekly meal prep and will happily snuggle inside a lunchbox (think yoghurt, frozen smoothies, custard and more). For fast and easy meal prep simply make your desired meal (using our baby food maker) then pour in the healthy nutritious food, seal, freeze, store, warm and serve, all from the one pouch. Slide them into our pouch organiser for tidy storage in the fridge/freezer.

The  120ml size is the perfect size to fit tidily into lunchboxes. They are ready to use out of the box and so easy to clean and reuse (did we mention dishwasher safe?). Thick and strong, our pouches are made from the highest quality BPA and BPS free components with a durable anti-leak double ziplock .

For no mess feeding simply attach our food pouch spoons or spouts (perfect for independent feeding) to serve food straight from the pouch to mini’s mouth. Don’t forget to look down and admire that sparkling clean floor!

Get organised and label the pouches with our non toxic wash off labels. Store them tidily in your fridge/freezer with our pouch organiser with a handy first in first out design.

So ditch those single use supermarket pouches and go reusable, cut food costs and reduce waste whilst encouraging healthy eating. Winning!


  • Suitable from when baby is 4 months plus through to toddler years and beyond.
  • Ultra strong design to enable reuse over and over.
  • Wide opening and easy to clean (as well as dishwasher safe).
  • Name label and measuring guide
  • Anti-leak double ziplock.
  • Large anti-choke safety caps included.
  • Bottle Warmer and Freezer safe
  • Transparent – easy to check they are clean.
  • Designed to be used anywhere, anytime
  • Entirely BPA, BPS, Phthalate and PVC Free
  • Size: 120ml

What’s in the Box

  • 20 x Animal Print Reusable Food Pouches (2 prints, 5 of each print)
  • 20 x large anti choke safety caps.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Reusable Baby Food and Yoghurt Pouches 

Q. How do I clean and re-use the pouches?
A. Simply pop them in the dishwasher with the ziplock open, or wash with a bottle brush and rinse.

Q. How many uses will I get from each pouch?
A. Our pouches are built strong and designed to last. Cleaning the pouches in the dishwasher will wear them out faster, so we recommend hand washing them using a bottle brush and drying on a rack. This way you’ll find the pouches bounce back really well after each use. Most customers find they get at least 6 months use out of the pouches with many using them for years from the infant stage through to yoghurt pouches as bub grows through to a toddler and beyond.

Q. Can I heat the pouches?
A. Absolutely! Pop them in our pouch warmer, an electric bottle warmer or the good ole fashion method of warming in hot water. Whilst microwaving the pouches is not recommended (creates hotspots and reduces the products lifespan), if there is no other option it’s best to warm/defrost at a low setting ensuring you shake the pouch regularly through the warming process to avoid hotspots.

Q. How do I store the pouches in the fridge/freezer?
A. With our pouch organiser ofcourse! Designed specifically to keep our pouches organised and tidy and your fridge/freezer clutter free!

Q. How do I label the pouches?
A. Our wash off pouch labels are specifically designed for our reusable pouch products. Simply write on the label with any pen, stick them onto the pouch and they’ll wash off when you wash the pouch to reuse, with no residue.

Q. Can I buy spare caps?
A. Like a magic trick, sometimes caps vanish. Fear not! Spare caps are just an “add to basket” away. Find them here.

Q. Can I repurpose the pouches?
A. That’s one of the best things about these pouches, they are so versatile! After the kids are done using them, you can store soups, sauces, energy gels, sunscreen and lotions, the list goes on!

Q. Can I recycle the pouches?
A. Absolutely! The pouches can be recycled in soft plastics recycling bins (conveniently located at major supermarkets). They’ll be processed and converted into playground mats, outdoor park benches and more! How cool is that. #nolandfill.


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BPA, PVC, Phthalate & 

Polycarbonate free





Switching to our re-usable pouch products isn’t just the guilt free environmentally friendly option, it’s the easy, practical, time saving alternative that your hip pocket loves!

All our pouches are easy to clean, dishwasher safe, leak proof and recyclable. Go healthy, avoid added preservatives and make your own, baby food, yoghurt, smoothies, ice-cream, jellies and so much more. Portion them into our pouches and as needed freeze, warm, store and serve all from the one pouch! Re-use over and over and when you have eventually finished with them, simply recycle in any soft plastics recycling bin found at all major supermarkets. They’ll be processed and converted into park benches, playground mats and more.

#nolandfill #earthfriendly

  • NO NASTIES: all parts are BPA, PVC, Phthalate and Polycarbonate free

  • CONVENIENT: bottle warmer, dishwasher and freezer safe

  • SUITABLE: from 4m+ to toddler years and beyond

  • REUSABLE: use over & over

  • DOUBLE ZIPLOCK SEAL: prevents leaks

  • NAME AND DATE : name label and measuring guide


Portion out your home-made puree's or yoghurt into the pouches and store tidily in our pouch organiser. When ready to serve attach our food pouch spoon or spout to serve directly from the pouch. Hello easy & healthy meals, goodbye messy floors!


We believe we have the world’s best reusable food pouch products, but don’t just take our word for it, checkout our reviews and awards. Our reusable food pouches are a 2 times winner in the MyChild awards (voted by real parents) and the preferred choice winner in the Baby and Maternity product awards.

  • 🏆  4 x Winner in the My Child Excellence Awards

  • 🏆  1 x “Family Choice” Winner in the Baby and Maternity Awards

  • 🏆  1 x “Top Choice” Winner in the Baby and Maternity Awards

  • 🏆  1 x Finalist in the Non Toxic Awards

Customer Reviews

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What is the Cherub Baby Fresh Food Feeding System?

At Cherub Baby, we believe that making home-made nutritional baby food is the best start for bub and doesn’t have to be hard work. We’ve carefully developed a solution that covers every part of home-made food prep from making nutritious baby food to storing, labelling, freezing, warming and serving in a quick, easy, no mess, no fuss way.

We call this our fresh food feeding system.

  • Steam and Blend

    Our 4 in 1 Baby Food Maker gently steams fruits, veggies, meat and fish preserving nutrients and vitamins. After blending, simply pour purees straight into our reusable pouches.


  • Reusable Food Pouches

    The no mess easy way to portion home-made baby food, yoghurt, smoothies and more. Simply pour in food, seal the ziplock , label and enjoy no mess direct feeding by attaching spoons and spouts.


  • Wash Off Pouch Labels

    Label your reusable pouches with these easy stick on labels. Name and date them with any marker and simply wash them off with soapy water (or dishwasher) when you clean the pouch.

  • Pouch Organiser 

    Stick the organiser to the underside of your fridge/freezer shelf and slide in your pouches for a tidy, organised first in first out system.

  • Bottle & Pouch Warmer

    the convenient go anywhere instant warmer to warm up pouches whilst on the go or at home. Simply click the disc and wrap the warmer around your pouch to safely and efficiently heat it up for mealtime.

  • Pouch Spoons & Spouts

    So it’s time to eat!? Just screw on a pouch spoon (perfect for mini’s learning to feed) or a soft pouch spout (for the independent mini) directly onto the food pouch, for an instant ready to serve nutritious home-made meal. Perfect for at home or on the go. Straight from pouch to mini’s mouth ensuring no mess. Look down and admire that sparkling clean floor :-).