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Where To Buy Breast Milk Storage Bags In Australia

where to buy breast milk storage bags

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Do you need to store your breast milk? Are you looking at where to buy breast milk storage bags? Look no further than a trusted Australian brand made for Australian mothers.
For many mothers, deciding to continue breastfeeding when chores are mounting at work and at home is always a challenge. According to the Centre for Disease Control, breast milk can be stored for up to 8 hours in room temperature, up to 5 days in the fridge and up to 12 months in the freezer. Therefore, refrigerating and freezing breast milk in quality, safe containers can make your life a whole lot easier. However, when choosing the right breast milk storage system, the hunt for a reliable container can be daunting.

Which Breast Milk Storage Bags Should I Buy?

Perhaps the newest way to store your breast milk is using storage bags. Unlike freezer storage bags, breast milk bags have been designed specifically to hold your breast milk. But with so many reusable breast milk bags available in almost the same colours and sizes, it can be impossible to identify which brand is best for you.

We know how important your breast milk is to you and your baby. So after a pumping session it can be devastating to see any of your milk spill out over the floor. Especially if the culprit was a leaky container! Another concern is the kind of plastic used in the storage containers. You will want to ensure toxic chemicals don't leach into your baby’s food. Now we may be a little biased, but we believe Cherub Baby is your best choice as a one stop shop for breast milk storage solutions that are flexible, leak free and BPA-free.

breast milk storage bags

Cherub Baby Breast Milk Storage Bags Are The Best!

Cherub Baby breast milk storage bags are are not just another breast milk bag. They are an innovative and clever buy. Cherub Baby Thermo Sensor breast milk storage bags not only allow you to store your milk in a 100% BPA free breast milk bag, but have thermosensor technology. This colour change key on the milk bag tells you when your breast milk is at the correct temperature to serve.

Each breast milk storage bag comes pre-sterilised and has heat treated seams, ensuring maximum hygiene. The leak proof zip lock ensures that every breast milk storage bag is fully reusable and resealable. Plus they are easy to fill and to store. Each breast milk storage bag also includes an easy-to-read measuring scale and labelling area to make your life just that bit easier. Your breast milk is precious, so buy the milk container you know you can trust! For those of you who are not familiar with Cherub Baby in Australia, you will be filling the bags like a pro in no time.

Can I reuse breast milk bags?

Breast milk bags are not the most complicated baby product you will come across. In fact, many brands look incredibly similar to one another. However, the small differences in design and materials can have a huge impact on reliability and performance.

The main downside of many other breast milk storage bags are that they are not reusable. However, Cherub Baby milk bags can be reused up to six times with simple cleaning with soapy water and sterilizing them in the microwave or in the steamer. So if you are in Australia, we believe there is no other brand that can satisfy your breastfeeding needs than Cherub Baby.

You may buy Cherub Baby breast milk bags in reputable retailers and baby shops and through the company website.


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