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Top Portable Bottle Warmers for 2021

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Portable bottle warmers are a handy tool for any mum on-the-go. But first, let’s talk about warming breast milk or formula, and if it’s really necessary to have a baby bottle warmer.

How Do I Warm My Baby’s Bottle?

It’s not absolutely necessary to always warm your baby’s bottle as fresh breast milk is always served at body temperature (or close to 37ºC). However, while some babies don’t mind cold milk or milk served at room temperature it does makes sense to warm it up.

Investing in a portable bottle warmer is probably the easiest option, but what did we do before we had access to these gadgets?

Before you go putting on that kettle, or boiling water on the stove, think about it. Does your baby’s bottle need to be piping hot? The answer is a definite NO! Your baby’s bottle needs to be warm, not hot. Whether you are heating breast milk or formula the method should be the same. Place your bottle in a container of warm water for no more than 15 minutes. Any longer and bacteria can develop.

The water temperature should be hot enough to warm the bottle, but cool enough to handle. You can even use water from the hot water tap. There’s no need to hover over a stove in the middle of the night.

Once you think your baby’s bottle is warm enough give it a quick shake to disperse the heat evenly. Always test the temperature of the milk or formula before giving it to your baby. A baby’s digestive system is very sensitive and you don’t want to risk an accidental burn. Test the temperature by squirting a few drops onto your inner wrist. The skin here is thin and very sensitive. The milk should feel warm and not hot.

So Why Do I Need A Portable Baby Bottle Warmer?

While the traditional method is safe and reliable, it is not very mobile. So what do you use as a baby milk warmer when you don’t have access to bowls, pots and warm water? Here at Cherub Baby, we have a number of products to help make your life easier, especially for mum’s on-the-go.

Bottle Warmers


Our Best Portable Bottle Warmers:

The Click n Go Portable Bottle Warmer

The Click n Go Portable Bottle Warmer is the perfect baby bottle heater that is portable, re-usable and heats instantly. This travel bottle warmer is cordless and doesn’t need a power point, nor is it battery powered. In fact, this portable bottle warmer needs no power at all. Simply click the disc inside the gel pack to heat your formula or breast milk, and use this portable baby bottle warmer on-the-go with the click activated heating system. It heats and keeps warm baby bottles, breast milk bags and baby food pouches.

Bottle warmer


The Anywhere Universal Portable Bottle Warmer

The new Anywhwere Universal Portable Bottle Warmer is compact and light. This rechargeable portable baby bottle warmer is perfect not just for outings but can be used as a home warmer which replaces the need to have multple warmers.

The Anywhere Warmer has a powerful inbuilt lithium battery which has the capacity to warm up to 6 bottles from one charge.  It comes with a USB cable and can be easily recharged.

 Which Of The Portable Bottle Warmers Is Best For Me?

The best bottle warmer for you will depend on where you want to use it and if there is a power source or not. We have made the following suggestions to help you choose:

  • The Cherub Baby Anywhere Universal Portabel Bottle Warmer is perfect for road trips (no need to recharge it). It’s also perfect for plane trips as it can connect via the USB cable and can be used at home.
  • Our Click n Go Portable Bottle Warmer is perfect for shopping trips and day trips (but needs to be recharged when you get home).

And the best thing about our portable bottle warmers is that you never have to worry about your bottle getting too hot!

What Can I Heat In A Baby Bottle Warmer?

Both of our models of portable bottle warmers come with adjustable sleeves so they will fit most major brands of bottles, breast milk bags, food pouches and jars.

Can I Use A Microwave As A Baby Milk Warmer?

Never heat up your baby’s bottle in the microwave! Microwaves don’t heat up food evenly and can cause hot spots. Have you ever heated up your dinner in the microwave? You think it’s piping hot only to find that most of your meal is still cold. Well, the reverse is possible with your baby’s bottle; it feels warm but there could be hot spots that can burn your baby’s mouth. Plus the intense heat of a microwave can destroy nutrients in the milk, or cause chemicals from plastic bottles, like BPA, to leak into your baby’s food,


No Microwave

Whether you feed your baby breast milk or formula, bottle feeding is a great way to bond with your baby and to start the initial process to self-feeding. Portable bottle warmers can make the process of heating your baby’s bottle simpler, easier and safe. Enjoy!

Hopefully, this has helped to shed some light on how to warm your baby food in a easy and safe way.


Read more about our NEW Click n Go Travel Bottle & Pouch Warmer and find out how easy it is to warm your baby’s breastmilk, formula or purees. You can also find out more about our Anywhere Universal Portabel Bottle Warmer here. 🙂
Need some more info about introducing solids to bub? Check out our guide here!


Find out more about all the features of our Travel Bottle Warmer!

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