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Portable Travel Bottle Warmers: Car Baby Bottle Warmer for Hassle Free Travelling

Baby Bottle Warmer

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There is a reason they say having a baby changes everything. Things like travelling with a young one can prove extremely daunting. How do I warm my baby’s milk on the go? Where will I find a power outlet? How long will the car drive take? This can prove stressful for a day trip, let alone a holiday! It’s enough for some nervous parents to avoid leaving the house all together!

We get it – but the good news is there is a solution! Enter travel bottle warmers; a hassle free way of warming baby’s milk (and food) while you are on the go.

You may have just grabbed your baby’s bottle or milk from the freezer with no time to have it thaw. You, therefore, require a fast and safe way to warm your baby’s bottle, especially if you are on a trip.

Cherub Baby has two types of travel bottle warmers; the portable Cherub Baby Click n Go Travel Bottle Warmer and the Car Bottle and Baby Food Warmer. Are you wondering how they work? We have put all the details together, so you can decide which one is the right one for you!

Car Bottle Warmer

Click n Go


The Cherub Baby Car Bottle & Baby Food Warmer

This portable car bottle warmer simply requires you to plug it into your car lighter output. These travel bottle warmers are specially designed for use in your car. They have a 360° cocoon wrap band that uses Natritherm Heatcell technology to ensure a speedy and safe way of warming your baby’s food or milk. Not only is the warmer fast, it heats consistently and keeps the bottle at the correct temperature (it even has a bottle activated safety switch!)

Simply wrap the flexible band around your baby’s milk bottle or food jar. Our Cherub Baby car bottle and food warmer is designed to fit all our standard and wide necked bottles, and our food pouches. It is also compatible with bottles and food jars from most other brands. The strap contours to fit snugly with different shaped bottles too!

Even better – it is USB cord compatible. You can now plug the warmer into your phone wall adaptor, laptop etc, so now you can use it anywhere and not just in the car.

Find out more about our car bottle warmer & shop here:

Car Bottle Warmer

The Click n Go Travel Bottle Warmer

This is another portable warmer, however the Click n Go travel bottle warmer is completely self sufficient. No need to worry about power outlets or batteries. Simply wrap the flexible pouch around your baby’s bottle or food jar, and then click the small metal disk.

This travel bottle warmer uses a safe gel heat reaction to heat the food. It is also flexible and fits all our baby bottles and most bottles from other brands. It stays warm for up to an hour and it won’t overheat your bottle.

Not only is it portable, it is reusable and it heats instantly to 52ªC, which in turn will heat a bottle to 37ªC and hold the temperature.

The Click n Go travel bolt warmer is perfect for flights, shopping trips, picnics and camping, where finding a power outlet can prove a bit tricky.

Find out more & shop here:

Click n Go

We also have a version of this specifically for warming food pouches! Check out the Food Pouch Warmer here!

Advantages of Using Bottle Warmers

Saves you Time

You simply wrap the warmer around the bottle or food jar. Then depending on the model you either plug the warmer into your car lighter output or switch on the metal disk. Within a few minutes, your baby’s food or milk is ready.


Our travel bottle warmers are a guaranteed way of safely heating your baby’s milk and food. It evenly heats your baby’s milk and ensures there are no hot spots that can scald your baby’s mouth. They also come with a 12 month warranty to give you peace of mind.

Preserves Nutrients

Only a parent really knows how precious breast milk is. When warming a bottle of expressed breast milk, you want to ensure the nutrients are preserved. Some heating methods like the microwave or stove heat too quickly with may destroy the vital nutrients and vitamins in your breast milk. Our portable warmers ensure that all these important nutrients are preserved.

Gradual Warming

A sudden spike in temperature while warming your baby’s milk can cause the milk to go bad easily. This is the case in both breast milk and formula. Our Cherub warmers warm the milk gradually and evenly, therefore, your baby’s milk stays good for longer.


 Car bottle warmers save you the hassle of having to pull over during your road trip to look for ways to warm your baby’s milk or food. You, therefore, do not have to dread traveling with your little ones.

Constant Temperature

Our Cherub Baby travel warmers will maintain your desired milk temperature. Milk easily goes bad due to changes in temperature. To preserve the warm temperature, keep the milk or food in the warmer – it won’t overheat!


Our portable travel bottle warmers are so light and compact – they can be easily carried anywhere. 


Travel bottle warmers are designed to fit all major bottles and food jars. The car travel warmers will also plug into any car charger.

 Baby Happy

Are you planning a trip with your little one but you have no idea how to warm their milk or food? Our bottle warmers are an innovative way to allow you to travel without fear.  So go ahead and take that trip. Cherub Baby has got you covered!

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