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How To Warm Glass Baby Bottles

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While there is no medical reason for you to heat your baby’s bottle, most babies will prefer warm milk as that is the temperature they are familiar with from breastfeeding. Circumstances may dictate that it’s not always possible to breastfeed, and bottle feeding may be necessary. So in this article, we will give tips about how to warm glass baby bottles to the perfect temperature.



Before we get into how to warm glass baby bottles, you need to know how to prepare your baby bottles for warming.

  • First, make sure the bottle and nipples are thoroughly cleaned in warm soapy water or the dishwasher. Cleaning your baby’s bottles and teats should be done after every feed.
  • If your bottle has a protective sleeve, gently remove this before washing. You will only need to replace it once the bottle is warm.
  • Some mums prefer to sterilise their baby’s bottles and teats after every use. However, in modern times most people have access to clean water. As a result, doctors now say it is not necessary to sterilise your baby’s bottles every time.
  • Whether you sterilise or not, it is important to make sure your glass baby bottles are completely dry before filling them with either breastmilk or formula.
  • Once your glass baby bottle has been filled, double-check that the bottle is securely sealed so there is no risk of any leaks.

Now that your baby’s bottle is clean and full let’s get onto the subject of warming baby bottles!

The following are the main ways of warming baby bottles, together with their do’s and don’ts:


Warming glass baby bottles in warm water

First, fill a bowl with warm water. You can gently heat the water on the stove-top, or run the hot water from your tap. The water should be warm enough to heat the bottle, but cool enough to touch. Don’t leave the bottle in the warm water for longer than 15 minutes, as this may allow bacteria to develop. Gently shake the bottle occasionally to let the milk heat evenly and to mix all the fat.


Warm glass baby bottles in an electric bottle warmer

Investing in an electric bottle warmer is one of the easiest ways to heat up a baby’s bottle. A simple touch of the button will heat your baby’s bottle to the right temperature and removes the guesswork. There are several different models available, so do make sure you buy one that fits the bottles you are using.


Bottle Warmer


Warming up a baby bottle in the microwave

While using a microwave may seem like the most obvious way to heat a baby’s bottle, experts don’t agree. Heating a baby’s bottle in the microwave causes uneven heating, or hotspots, which can burn a baby’s mouth. Some experts also claim that heating breastmilk or formula in a microwave can deplete the nutrients needed for your baby’s development. It is not recommended to use this option.


Heating bottles on the stove-top

While you can heat water on the stove-top to warm a baby’s bottle, you should never place your baby’s bottle in boiling water on the stove-top. The boiling water can result in the milk heating unevenly, or to quickly become too hot. This method causes a high risk of burning your baby’s mouth.


Battery operated baby bottle warmer

With today’s busy lifestyles, mums may want to invest in a portable, battery-operated bottle warmer. They are easy to use anywhere and at any time, plus there is no risk of overheating and they will also keep your bottle warm for as long as you need. Most fit any size baby bottle, but you should double check to make sure.

In addition, our Anywhere Universal Portable Bottle Warmer allows you to quickly and safely heat your baby's bottle at home or on the go, replacing the need for multiple bottle warmers. While it's battery operated it is easily recharged via a USB or powerbank, or you can plug into the mains to conserve the battery!

Anywhere Universal Bottle Warmer


Instant baby bottle warmer

With today’s technology, instant baby bottle warmers are now available. The Cherub Baby Click n Go travel bottle warmer is a great example of a portable bottle warmer that provides instant heat which won’t overheat your bottle, and it’s reusable.

Click n Go 

Testing the temperature

Now that we have talked about how to warm glass baby bottles, how do you test the temperature?

The most reliable way to test the temperature is to squeeze a few drops onto the inside of your wrist. The skin on your inner wrist is much more sensitive than your hands. The milk drops should feel neutral to your touch, not too hot and not too cold.

Remember to always test the temperature of your baby’s bottle before feeding your baby to avoid burning your baby’s mouth! Cherub Baby’s bottles come with a colour-change silicone sleeve to let you know if the temperature is safe for your baby.


Glass Baby Bottles


Important things to remember:

While we have talked about how to warm glass baby bottles, essentially glass bottles can be treated the same as heating milk or formula in plastic baby bottles. Nowadays, all new plastic baby bottles are BPA free, but be wary of using old or second hand plastic bottles which may not be chemical-free.
Whichever type of bottle you use, be mindful to always put safety first. Make sure the temperature is not too hot and always make sure the temperature of the milk or formula is even.



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