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Homemade Baby Food Storage With Reusable Baby Food Pouches!

Reusable Baby Food Pouches

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Are you considering to make your own homemade baby food, and have you put any thought towards homemade baby food storage? In this article we give our top tips why home made is best and how to store you own homemade baby food with our reusable baby food pouches.

As adults, we put so much time and thought into what we eat. Most of us without a doubt prefer a home cooked meal over a ready made meal from the supermarket. Not only because it tastes better, but because we know what is in it and can avoid the nasty additives, added sugar and preservatives that we know are in readymade food. So it makes sense to put the same, if not more time and effort into ensuring the food we feed our babies is just as nutritious!

There are so many benefits to homemade baby food:

Super Healthy.

Store-bought foods are stripped of the healthy nutrients that a baby needs. For a long shelf life, they are often passed through extreme temperatures which destroy vital nutrients. In addition, companies often load store bought foods with preservatives, and add sugars, salts, unhealthy fats, thickening agents and artificial flavours. Being at a critical developmental stage, babies require vital minerals and nutrients that are easily found in fresh uncompromised food.

No Unpleasant Surprises.

No one knows your baby like you do. As a parent, you know your baby’s favorite flavours, and any foods they may be allergic to. With homemade food, you can be 100% confident in knowing what your baby is eating.

Save Money. Who couldn’t do with some extra cash?

Store-brought produced foods tend to be quite expensive when you add it all up! However, buying fruit and veg that is in season, preparing large quantities of your baby’s food and freezing it for later use will help you save a decent sum of money!

Saves Time.

Isn’t this just the ultimate gift? Just prepare a whole week’s fresh homemade food, pack it and freeze it. This is unbelievably easy and time-saving! You will have food ready for when you are at home as well to take with you on the go!


Why Reusable Baby Food Pouches Make Homemade Baby Food Easy!

We are pretty sure by now you are more than convinced and raring to cook up those homemade delicacies for your baby. We have more great news for you; reusable baby food storage pouches will allow you to store, freeze, warm, transport and serve your baby’s food effortlessly.

Now, you can go through the whole process from freezing to serving without having to reach out for an extra bowl or container. Pure bliss!

Firstly, the Cherub Baby reusable baby food pouches are an award winning favourite product with parents who make homemade baby food. In addition, they are microwave, bottle warmer and freezer safe. They also come with a bonus spoon that helps you feed your little mouths directly from the pouch (it just screws on and the puree squeezes out – no mess!).

Reusable Food Pouches with Spoons

Here's some of the best features:

  • Portable. The baby food pouches are perfect when you are on the go; simply grab a pouch or two, warm it and stack it in your diaper bag.
  • Reusable and Disposable. Reusable food pouches save you money since you can use them over and over, all the while reducing environmental waste!
  • Safe. Like all our other products, Cherub Baby Reusable Food Pouches are BPA, phthalate, and PVC free. Your child’s safety remains our top priority.
  • Accurate Capacity. Our baby food pouches have a capacity of 150ml which enables you to serve your baby generous portions yet with minimal food wastage.
  • Versatile. There’s no limit to what you can put in the pouches – and they aren’t just for baby food! Feel free to fill them up with your baby’s food, puree, yogurt or smoothie, but they can also be used for nuts, fruit, crackers, porridge, homemade jelly, storing cooking wine, pancake mix, even hand cream and toiletries!
  • Pre-Sterilised. No need to clean before use. They come sterilized and ready to use.
  • Tamper-proof. They have a strong ziplock that ensures there are no spills. Plus baby’s food is not contaminated.
  • Easy to Label. Our reusable baby food pouches ensure you don’t have your baby’s food all mixed up. They allow you to indicate the date, type of food and any other detail you need to note down. Details on the label are easy to wash off for the next reuse.
  • Convenient. Lastly, you get to serve your baby directly from the food pouch. No need to assemble countless dishes for this.

homemade baby food storage

Food Pouches Special Edition Blue/Green

Cherub Baby Food Storage Pouches now available in fun summer prints!

Use Reusable Food Pouches for Homemade Baby Food Storage

Once you have whipped up your baby’s food, you can choose to preserve it by refrigerating or freezing. If you refrigerate your baby food, consume within 48 hours. On the other hand, you should use frozen food within three months.

Our reusable food pouches are an easy way of storing your baby’s food.  Just fill them up, label and either refrigerate or freeze for later use.

Defrosting Baby’s Food

This is as easy as placing the frozen food pouches in the Cherub Baby Click n Go Travel Warmer. It does a fantastic job of defrosting your baby’s food and all without batteries or electricity! Perfect for parents on the go.

You can also defrost the food by running the baby food pouch under a hot water tap or immersing the pouch in hot or warm water.

Click n Go

Clean and Reuse

Cherub Baby reusable baby food pouches are super easy to clean. They can be cleaned with warm soapy water using a bottle brush as they have wide openings that allow access to all their parts while cleaning. Reusable food pouches can also be cleaned by placing them on the top rack of a dishwasher.

After cleaning, they can be reused up to an average of 12 times before being safely disposed of.


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