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What To Look For In Glass Baby Bottles And Sippy Cups

Baby Glass Bottle

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Glass Baby Bottles and Sippy Cups 

Babies form attatchments to objects they love, including their favourite baby bottles and sippy cups! Parents tell of how they have had to turn their houses upside down in search of a favourite cup or bottle. Messy spilling baby bottles and cups will only aggravate your child, and quite frankly you too – so it is important to choose the best baby bottles and sippy cups for your little one.

Many parents are now choosing glass baby bottles and sippy cups over plastic ones, but aren’t sure what to look for. Here is a guide on important non-negotiable features to look out for when buying the perfect glass baby bottles and sippy cups.

High-Quality Glass

Over the years, soda lime glass has been used to manufacture baby bottles and sippy cups and is still in use. Borosilicate glass, however, is a superior option that far outshines soda lime. It is a laboratory-engineered glass that has passed through extreme conditions in its production and is deemed as superior quality for household use.

One of its wonderful advantages over soda lime is that it is highly resistant to thermal shock. This means that it is able to resist sudden changes in temperature without incurring damage. This is a pleasant relief for mothers who need to warm refrigerated expressed milk stored in glass baby bottles.

Another advantage is that borosilicate glass is stronger and more durable. It is not fragile and does not break easily. It is also more chemically resistant to acidity. This means that unlike with soda lime glass baby bottles and cups, there is no chance that any impurities may leach into your baby’s drink.

At Cherub Baby, we do not gamble with quality. Unlike other major brands, all our glass baby bottles and sippy cups are made from high-quality borosilicate glass.

Enhanced Durability with Patented Silicone Sleeves

To maximize protection from drops and bumps; all our baby bottles and sippy cups have shock absorbing, medical grade silicone sleeves. These help to prevent any breakage to the bottles and cups while in the fragile hands of your baby. They also offer your baby’s little hands a firmer grip. Our silicone sleeves are durable, nontoxic and resistant to scratches, they even change colour if the liquid inside is too hot to serve to baby! The sleeves have passed through rigorous drop tests done from 8 meters high without shattering. With this guaranteed safety, parents can rest easy and let their babies be.

Should Grow With Your Baby

Choosing glass baby bottles and sippy cups comes with a myriad of advantages. Key among them is that your baby’s drinks will always taste fresh since glass does not hold on to tastes and odors. Glass is also easy to clean, strong and highly durable. Furthermore, it does not discolor, fade or degrade. As your baby grows, their attachment to their glass bottle grows along. It is not necessary to break their little hearts as they transition to sippy cups. Cherub Baby’s bottles convert to sippy cups and straw cups. This saves you money and helps reduce environmental waste. Furthermore, your baby’s transition from the bottle is gentle and most likely devoid of tears.

Easy To Assemble

We all know that the simpler something is – the better – especially when it comes to looking after your baby! Choose a glass baby bottle and sippy cup that is easy to assemble and has minimal parts. Assembling Cherub Baby's range of baby glassware is a breeze. This saves you time as well as peace of mind.

Easy To Sterilize and Wash

As a rule, new glass baby bottles and sippy cups need sterilizing in boiling water before the first use. After that, you can use the dishwasher or hand wash them in hot soapy water.

Your baby’s health is our priority and we have ensured that our glass baby bottles and sippy cups are easy to sterilize and wash. Apart from boiling, there are several other ways to sterilize bottles all of which work well with our glass bottles and cups. These include using electric steamers, the microwave steam sterilizer, or the sterilizing solution.

Microwave Safe

Don’t we all love the convenience that microwaves bring to our households? Although it is not safe to heat breast milk in the microwave, cow milk can be safely heated. Cherub Baby’s glass baby bottles and sippy cups allow you this much-needed convenience. Caution should, however, be exercised by taking off the teat, silicon sleeve and bottle top before heating. Also shake the bottle to distribute heat evenly after heating, repeatedly inverting the bottle once the teat and top are replaced, and checking the temperature with your wrist before offering your baby the bottle.

Glass Bottles

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