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July Influencer UGC campaign

Our new Anywhere Warmer Pro is about to be released (SHHH it’s still a secret) and you can be one of the first parents to trial it!


So what will I receive?

As a HUGE thanks for completing the below deliverables we’ll send

  • 1 x Anywhere Warmer Pro (Valued at $150)
  • 1 x $50 Cherub Baby Voucher (sent after deliverables have been successfully completed & submitted on time)


So tell me Cherub, what is it you need from me?


1 x Reel with 2 components: 

  1. Short face to camera with the product in frame telling and showing us how it works. Whilst you’re using it let us know why you love it.
  2. Show yourself using the warmer in real life in real situations. Here are the features we want to highlight
    • Taking it on car trips (any trip really)
    • Shopping
    • At your bedside table with warm water ready for those 3am night feeds!
    • Super easy to use. Simply pour in pre-sterilised water, turn it on, select the temp. No fiddly bottle adaptors!


Did you know:

  • The warmer heats 240mls water in under 5 minutes (from room temp 22 deg)
  • The warmer heats 120mls water in under 3 minutes (from room temp 22 deg)
  • The warmer will regulate the correct temperature for up to 9 hours on a full charge! Perfect for night feeds!
    • This means you’ll have water ready at the perfect temp with NO waiting
  • You can take it anywhere (even on the plan for domestic and international flights)
  • No bottle adaptors are needed
  • You can warm liquid to any temp between 37 degrees to 55 degrees. Hello cold cup of coffee 
    • (it won’t heat thick liquids like purees)
  • You can plug the warmer into any power source with USB-C (your power bank, car charger, AC adaptor)
  • The chemical free glass container unscrews from the base for easy cleaning and sterilising.


Reel Detail

  1. Length: around 1-2 minutes
  2. Be sure to film in portrait mode (like a normal insta reel)



  1. Send us the unedited footage, raw audio & video (no background music, no filters, no dubs or text overlay).
  2. Post to your insta reel and tag us! (an edited version in whatever form you like)! Reward your followers with a unique coupon code (INSERT CODE) to get 20% off (valid for one year).


Instagram handles to tag: @cherubbabyaustralia  Hasthtags: #cherubbaby #cherubbabyaustralia #travelwarmer              #portablewarmer #travellingwithbaby


We can’t wait to see your content!

Xo the Cherub Baby Team